Game Of Thrones Cameos That Most People Missed

When beginning production of Game of Thrones, it was decided by the showrunners that they wanted to use an unknown cast, unaware that these unheard of actors would become some of the biggest superstars in the world. Then, as the show began to catch on and break countless records, everyone wanted in on the action. This resulted in cameos by other celebrities being sprinkled throughout the show for eagle-eyed viewers to catch. Although some may have been more obvious than others, there are plenty that went unnoticed. Did you manage to catch every cameo no matter how brief? Take a look and find out!

Gary Lightbody From Snow Patrol Showed Off His Voice

Lightbody on a horse

Lead singer Gary Lightbody from the Irish rock band Snow Patrol had a brief appearance on Game of Thrones in the third season of the show. He plays the role of a Bolton soldier traveling down the King’s Road leading the other soldiers in the song “The Bear and the Maiden Fair.”

The song is foreboding considering that in a future episode Brienne is forced to face off with a bear with nothing but a wooden sword.