‘Gold Rush’ Star Parker Schnabel Keeps Mining Millions With A Broken Heart

At 25-years-old, Parker Schnabel is the youngest cast member of the Discovery Channel’s Gold Rush. The Alaskan native joined the show after his grandfather stepped down from his role as a regular cast member in Season 2 and continued a guest star role afterward. Before the cameras and fame, Parker was an ordinary young man working in the mines with a strong work ethic. Now in Season 10 of Gold Rush, Parker is still mining millions, but a lot has changed, especially in his personal life. Fans of the show have been wondering what’s going on with Parker and his relationship with Ashley Youle.

Ashley and Parker Met In Australia

The Discovery Channel
The Discovery Channel

Ashley was living in the Yukon, Canada region while filming Gold Rush, but she and Parker first met in Australia in 2016, while he was visiting during downtime from work. Parker told Maxim, “Normally I come home and spend a week hunting with my dad in November, and then I usually travel – I’ve been to Australia twice.”

After meeting in Australia, the two of them hit it off as Ashley showed Parker around. When it was time for Parker to head back to the U.S., he invited Ashley to come to visit.