Here’s Where Famous Movie Scenes Were Actually Filmed. Some Are Not Where You Thought!

People love watching movies to escape for a while. It’s two hours of sitting back, relaxing and forgetting about real life. Some films leave a lasting impression on us. The gorgeous landscapes or unusual settings are often as memorable as the characters themselves. Check out some memorable scenes and landscapes from your favorite films, many of which you can visit.

Thelma & Louise’s Infamous Cliff Scene Was Filmed in Utah!

The most memorable part in Thelma & Louise (starring Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon) is when the pair drives off a cliff at the Grand Canyon after leaving Arkansas. But the scene didn’t actually take place there. The action occurred near Moab, Utah, where the Colorado River flows through Dead Horse Point State Park. Director Ridley Scott filmed the last third of the movie in the desert at Arches National Park.


Other scenes were shot at Shafer Overlook, Monument Valley, La Sal Mountains, La Sal Junction, Cisco, Old Valley City Reservoir, Thompson Springs, Arches National Park, and Crescent Junction in Utah.