Historically Accurate Movies That Are Worth Watching

Audiences will usually note when a movie based on a true story is extremely inaccurate. However, there are also quite a few films that get the facts right. It can be eye-opening to see some of history’s most influential moments played out on screen by talented actors and filmmakers. Movies such as Apollo 13, The Wolf of Wall Street, and Spotlight brought history to life. Here are some of the most historically accurate movies ever made.

Bridge Of Spies Is An Honest Portrayal Of The Cold War

Written by the Coen brothers and directed by Steven Spielberg, Bridge of Spies is a Cold War drama about a lawyer (Tom Hanks) who must negotiate the release of a U.S. Air Force pilot (Mark Rylance) who was captured by the Soviet Union. The film did very well at the box office and Rylance won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor.

tom hanks talking on an old telephone in bridge of spies
Dreamworks Pictures/MovieStillsDB
Dreamworks Pictures/MovieStillsDB

The visual blog Information is Beautiful said that Bridge of Spies was 88.8 percent historically accurate. The actors were able to bring this Cold War-era story to life by capturing the essence of their real-life characters.