Little House On The Prairie: Behind The Scenes Of The Hit Show

I had almost forgotten the theme to “Little House On The Prairie,” but when I heard the sweet and flowing melody of the song it all came back to me. If your sister is like my sister she was hooked on “Little House” when she was a child and teenager. The innocence of the characters and wholesome complexity to the storyline made the show an astounding success. Yet behind the scenes, there was plenty more going on, and fans had no idea.

Where’s The Beef?

Have you ever wondered if the actors are actually drinking or eating, or just pretending to be eating? Well, remember the yummy meals the Ingalls used to eat at the dinner table? Well, many of them were Dinty Moore beef stew meals.

NBC Productions
NBC Productions

So what about the drumsticks in Laura’s lunch box? Those tasty looking drumsticks were actually Kentucky Fried Chicken. So much for fresh food from the family’s chicken coop!