MacGyver: What You Didn’t Know About The Classic Show

Over the course of seven seasons, Agent Angus MacGyver wowed audiences with his resourceful inventions; he created a rocket-powered harpoon gun out of cleaning fluid, mothballs, and an old telescope, and a lie detector from a stethoscope and alarm clock. MacGyver became a pop culture phenomenon, but what was really going on behind the scenes? Read on to find out more about the beloved show.

Would MacGyver’s Inventions Work?


Since the show began, the word “MacGyver” has come to be used as a verb. To MacGyver something now means to be handy and resourceful, fix a seemingly impossible problem, or create something new. Just think of Agent MacGyver as the original DIY guy. But you may be thinking, “Some of these inventions seem little absurd. Would they really work?”

The producers tried to keep all the inventions theoretically and physically possible with one exception—when it comes to mixing potions or explosives from household chemicals, they changed ingredients to something benign. That’s probably a smart move, considering some wacky viewers might actually try the recipes at home. So, don’t try to take your chemistry lessons from MacGyver—it just wouldn’t work out.