Mick Jagger: Love, Drugs, And Rock N Roll

Mick Jagger’s First Girlfriend Attempted Suicide

chrissy shrimpton.jpg

Mick Jagger’s love life has always been tainted by suicide, and his first love really set the trajectory. Mick’s first serious girlfriend was Chrissie Shrimpton, the younger sister of a famous supermodel. At the time, she was a 19-year-old student at the London School of Economics and studied alongside Mick. The pair were extremely serious and had plans to marry, but their relationship became strained with his growing celebrity.

In 1966 Jagger dumped Shrimpton for a pop singer named Marianne Faithfull. She would never recover. Shrimpton took an overdose of sleeping pills when she was alone in their London apartment. Thankfully, Jagger found her in time, but to avoid publicity, his management took her to the hospital and checked her in under a fake name. She was held there until her parents came to pick her up.