Mistakes You Totally Missed In “Game Of Thrones”

Game of Thrones is one of the most expensive television series to ever be made. The final season alone had a budget of $15 million per episode. Yes, you read that right, per episode.

Even with all the money in the world, Game of Thrones has still managed to make some pretty embarrassing mistakes. We’re all human and even the show’s producers can’t be perfect, but we had some higher expectations for HBO’s biggest show.

Eagle-eyed viewers spotted this glaring mistake in front of Daenerys during “The Last of the Starks.”

Stannis Brought His Laptop Charger To His Final Battle


Stannis Baratheon’s final appearance happens in Season 5, Episode 10. He was planning on taking Winterfell but Ramsay Bolton’s army got in the way. In his final scene, Stannis is wounded leaning up against a tree, awaiting his execution from Brienne.

In a behind-the-scenes photo from the shot, what appears to be a laptop charger or a microphone pack is underneath seen underneath his leg. Maybe he was just trying to recharge before re-entering the battle?

Daenerys Got Her Braids In A Twist

daenerys braid change episode one GoT

During the first episode from Season Eight, fans noticed that Daenerys’ hair was just a little bit different from scene-to-scene. Most of the time it was the Khaleesi’s braids that had been twisted in different ways.

We know Emilia Clarke usually sports shoulder-length brown hair so this mistake was all thanks to the hair and makeup department. Someone obviously should have been keeping better track of which wig Daenerys was wearing in which scene.

Keep reading to see why Daenerys should technically be covered in Greyscale by now.

Daenerys Should Definitely Have Caught Greyscale

jorah touches dany with greyscale GoT Mistakes

For nearly all of Season 5, we watched Jorah Mormont avoid touching everyone because he had secretly contracted Greyscale. Greyscale is a super contagious disease that spreads with any skin-to-skin contact. Yet during Season 5, Episode 9, Jorah has no problem offering Daenerys his exposed hand to help her down from the stage.

Daenerys took his hand before knowing about his Greyscale so if it’s as contagious as it’s said to be, Dany should be covered in it.

Coming up, fans were quick to spot this glaring mistake sitting on a table in Winterfell.

Arya And The Hound Have A Common Enemy

arya and the hound common enemy in the mountain

One of the best duos in Game of Thrones is between fan-favorites Arya Stark and The Hound. During one of their Season 3 discussions, The Hound tells Arya all about his hatred for his brother, The Mountain. Arya listens on blankly yet fails to mention that she also hates The Mountain. In fact, Arya hates The Mountain enough to have him on her list.

With Arya and The Hound heading off the King’s Landing together, maybe they can finally cross the mutual name off their lists.

Jaime Got His Hand Back For A Scene

jaime hand in scene game of thrones

You’d think that after the Starbucks Cup blunder the editing team would be a little more careful for the follow episodes. Yet in season 8, episode 5, they forgot to make sure Jaime had his golden hand throughout every scene. In the moment where Jaime and Cersei reunite in the Red Keep, Jaime embraces Cersei with his right (human-like) hand.

Apparently HBO has already edited out the moment but we still have this publicity still proving they made the major mistake.

Ramsay Bolton’s Hounds Go Missing

sansa theon hounds got missing GoT mistakes

After Sansa and Theon escape Ramsay Bolton and Winterfell, Ramsay sends a search party to find them. There were six soldiers and two dogs in the search party. The two dogs eventually close-in on Sansa and Theon but Brienne comes and saves the day. Yet, when Brienne arrived, the dogs are gone and it’s only the soldiers Brienne has to fight.

There’s also the problem that when the search party set out, the dogs were Rottweilers but when they found Sansa and Theon, the dogs were bloodhounds.

Dothraki Gold Must Have A Special Melting Point


One of the most memorable death scenes of the series came in Season 1 when Khal Drogo gave Viserys Targaryen a crown of gold by literally pouring molten gold over his head. The death was classic Game of Thrones style but there’s an issue when you think about the chemistry involved to melt gold.

Gold will only melt at a temperature of 1945 degree Fahrenheit, while the average fire like the one in the Dothraki camp only heats to 700 degrees Fahrenheit.

Jon Snow’s Rubber Sword Isn’t Very Intimidating

jon snow rubber sword GoT mistake

The Battle of the Bastards was one of the biggest Game of Thrones battles and showcased Jon’s first time leading an army south of the Wall. He didn’t look like a very intimidating leader though when fans saw that his sword was just rubber. In one scene, Jon was riding his horse and his sword was quite literally flopping around behind him.

You’re not going to kill Ramsay Bolton with a sword like that, Jon. No wonder Sansa had to come and bail you out.

Who Knew The North Had A Local Starbucks?

theres a starbucks in westeros

In the fourth episode of the final season, eagle-eyed viewers pointed out that during the banquet scene, there was a Starbucks coffee cup sitting in front of Daenerys. Apparently being the Mother of Dragons and helping defeat the Night King required constant coffee stimulation.

The internet was pretty upset that with a $15 million budget, the producers managed to oversee something so obvious. HBO issued a statement apologizing for the mistake and have since edited out the cup from the scene, but the internet never forgets.

If you thought the editors would be more careful after this blunder, wait until you see the mistake they made in episode 5.

Sansa Stark, Or Sansa Targaryen?

sophie turner opening credit targaryen sigil

The opening credits for Game of Thrones have always held meaning, clues, and symbolism. In the credits for the first two episodes of the series the actress who plays Sansa Stark, Sophie Turner, is credited with a Targaryen symbol beside her name. Meanwhile, the actors who play her onscreen Stark siblings both have the Stark wolf beside them.

By the third episode of the series, the symbol had changed to the Stark wolf but that hasn’t stopped fans from wondering if this was a simple mistake or if Sansa is the third head of the dragon.

Next, find out who else had their sigil mixed up and the real reason why it happened.

Jorah Was A Lannister For A Bit

iain glen opening credit as a lannister

The same situation that happened to Sansa Stark being a Targaryen happened to Jorah Mormont. The actor Iain Glen was credited beside a Lannister house lion. We know that Jorah was originally a spymaster for King Robert Baratheon but he never held any allegiance to the Lannisters. Even his own house of Mormont is symbolized by a bear, not a lion.

As it turns out, HBO let the cast pick their favorite sigil back in Season 1, which explains why Sansa and Jorah’s houses are mixed up.

Someone’s Texting At King’s Landing

GoT margaery tyrell mistake

Back when Margaery Tyrell was still alive and trying to take over the Iron Throne, she spends a scene handing out toys to orphans. The Season 3 episode was supposed to show Margaery’s sweet but cunning side. The scene is heartwarming but midway though, you can hear a cell phone notification “ping!” go off in the background.

We’re not sure whether to blame the sound editor for this one, or blame the person on set who forget to turn their phone to ‘vibrate only.’

The Starks Have Some Pretty Magical Hair Growth Solutions

GoT hair length changes jon and robb

One of the very first scenes of the series showed Jon Snow, Robb Stark, and Theon Greyjoy getting their hair cut short to prepare for the royal visit. Yet later in the same episode, we see Jon and Robb with their long, shaggy hair again.

Maybe Winterfell has some magical hair growth properties or maybe the producers just forgot to factor in continuity. You can’t even blame the earlier budget for this one because Season 1 had $60 million to work with.

Again? A Water Bottle Snuck Into The Finale


Some diehard Game of Thrones fans were understandably peeved when the series finale included another gaffe, just two weeks after the Starbucks debacle. In one of the episode’s most pivotal scenes, the surviving lords and ladies meet to decide on a new leader. Unfortunately, the sight of not one but TWO water bottles in the shot distracted many viewers.

The first bottle is seen right next to Samwell Tarley’s foot. The second was on the ground next to Ser Davos Seaworth. HBO didn’t immediately comment on the blunder.

There Are More Lannister Necklaces Out There

myrcelle necklace more than two GoT mistake

In Season 5, Cersei receives a gold necklace with the Lannister lion on it. She takes it as a symbol that her daughter, Myrcella Baratheon, is in danger because the mother-daughter pair are the only two with necklaces like that.

Yet earlier in the series, we saw Joffrey gift Sansa a gold necklace with the Lannister lion on it. Sansa even said it was “just like the one your mother wears.” Thankfully, the necklace did actually belong to Myrcella and not Sansa.

Jaime Forgot How He Killed His Own Cousin

GoT jaime forgot about cousin mistake

In “The Last of the Starks” Jaime decides to leave his comfortable life with Brienne to return to King’s Landing and to Cersei. When Brienne questions him, Jaime says he is a bad person and that he once “strangled my cousin with my own hands, just to get back to Cersei.”

Jaime did indeed kill his own cousin, Alton Lannister, in Season 2, Episode 7 but not the way he remembers. Jaime actually beat Alton to death in a prison cell. It was the Karstark guard that he strangled.

Gendry Messed Up Its Own Last Name

gendry forgot last name GoT mistake

Another blunder from “The Last of the Starks” came after Daenerys made Gendry the Lord of Dragonstone. Gendry ran to tell Arya and said: “I’m no longer Gendry Rivers, I’m Gendry Baratheon!” One Reddit user remembered that Gendry had previously said his last name was “Waters.”

Gendry was born in King’s Landing which is in the Crownlands, where bastard surnames are Waters. Only if he was born in the Riverlands would his bastard surname be Rivers.

Shireen Baratheon Had The Wrong Hair Color

shinreen baratheon hair color GoT msitake

Early in Season 1, the show made a major point of Ned Stark discovering that all Baratheon children are supposed to have jet black hair. It served as a clue for Ned that Joffrey, Tommen, and Myrcella were quite obviously not Baratheon children, but it also applied to Shireen Baratheon.

Shireen was always considered a legitimate child of Stannis Baratheon so why didn’t the costume department give actress Kerry Ingram jet black hair? Some claim that Shireen’s greyscale lightened her hair but there’s no evidence supporting that excuse.

How Did Euron Build All Those Ships?

euron built ships no wood on iron islands

A big part of the final season storyline is that Euron Greyjoy has the biggest fleet of ships in the Seven Kingdoms. The iron borns are known for being incredible sailors yet fans are wondering how exactly they’re building all these ships?

Euron has said over and over again that the Iron Islands are just rocks, and the Greyjoys have only survived over centuries by raiding their neighbors. You’d have to raid a lot of neighbors to get enough wood to build all those ships.

The Sons Of Harpy Manage To Disappear After Dying


Daenerys’ entire trip to Meereen during Season 5 could be summed up as disastrous. She ended up having to get bailed out by her dragons and the Unsullied had to take on the Sons of the Harpy in an epic battle.

During the fighting, many unsullied and Harpy men died and their bodies piled up in an underground tunnel. Yet when the camera panned out for a final shot, many of the bodies had vanished.

Melisandre Has Some Other Anti-Aging Tricks


In Season 6, Game of Thrones fan got to see what the real Red Woman looks like. After Melisandre took off her ornate necklace she turned into a very, very old woman. The transformation shocked some fans while others quickly questioned it. Two seasons before, Melisandre was seen flaunting her younger body in a bath without the necklace on.

The error by producers could have just been an oversight, or maybe Melisandre had another anti-aging spell up her sleeve that we don’t know about.

The Invincible Box


After going north of the Wall and successfully capturing a Wight, Jon, Daenerys, and everyone on their side goes down to King’s Landing to present the Wight to Cersei. They hope after Cersei sees what they’re up against that she’ll agree to help them fight the Army of the Dead. On their journey down south, the Wight is kept inside a box.

This begs the question, how was the Wight contained inside the box? We’ve seen them easily punch through gates and walls at Hardhome as well as later in the series. Did the showrunners just decide to make this one tame?

The Age Of Tommen

tommen game
Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

How old is Tommen really? Show makers never really made a big deal about the age of the characters in the show because there are a lot of age discrepancies when you compare it to the books.

Tommen’s age, however, is a hot topic. The books have him at nine when he marries Margaery. The question at hand is, how did a 19-year-old Dean Charles Chapman land the role of a little boy?

An Email?


We all know that Game Of Thrones takes place long before any type of significant technology surfaced. Much like the Starbucks mistake, in season two there was something else that they could have avoided.

In the episode “Valar Dohaeris,” Margaery has a talk with the people after the great war to console everyone. Once she finishes her speech, an email notification noise goes off in the background. If they had email, why on Earth are they using ravens?

George Bush’s Head

george w
Rod Aydelotte-Pool/Getty Images

Sometimes studios will use any props they have to cut back on expenses. Well, the makers of the show caught a lot of heat when they used a certain someone’s likeness on a spike.

When Ned Stark and Septa Mordane had their heads on a spike, there was one other person’s head that looked a lot like the 43rd president. Of course, they won’t come out and say it, but it looked a lot like it!

How Was There Light?

game-of-thrones_816824ff spoof

In the first season, Tyrion was a prisoner in Catelyn’s prison. When the camera’s showed the viewers close shots of Tyrion, you can see light shining in his cell. That’s very interesting when you think about it.

Later on, a shot further back showed that there was no way for light to enter because their were no holes above Tyrion’s cell. A tiny mistake, yes, but one nonetheless. We know that they didn’t make a similar mistake moving forward.

Everything But Her Hair

game-of-thrones_dragon hair

One of the most iconic scenes throughout the whole series has to be when Daenerys walks through fire and returns with three dragons. In the process, she lost all of her clothes and had noticeable ash on her.

Our only question is, how did her hair stay intact? We understand that she’s a Targaryen and fire doesn’t harm them, but if her clothes faced the fate of fire, surely her hair could have had some damage to it.

Architecture Ahead Of Its Time


Here’s one that many people probably overlooked due to the fact that they were too excited for the show! In the very first episode of the series, Bran climbed up the castle but he had some help with handholes on the wall.

Folks who know their architecture understand that no medieval buildings used to have no handholes at all. Does that mean they are ahead of their time? No, just some missed research by the team is all.

Daenerys And Slaves

game-of-thrones_08407f dragon

For the most part, Daenerys has been against the idea of slavery. That’s what her character would explicitly make us believe. If you pay attention to the little things, her actions don’t really spell the same message.

Throughout the series, the Mother of Dragons doesn’t come off as very noble. She likes to keep a large number of people around to help take care of her. Is that her just abusing her power or the perks of being the Queen of Dragons?

Army Of The Dead Issues

army of the dead skeleton

The Army of the Dead are some seriously creepy creatures. Not only are they dead, but they can resist fire too (well we know at least one of them can). There is, however, something off about them.

Science would tell us that after being under ice for so long, the skeletons should have broken in all the ice. They didn’t and here they are bringing the Starks headaches. Game of Thrones has it’s own ways of defying science.

Kingslanding Isn’t The Same


The final season of Game of Thrones has already had its fair share of mistakes and things have been a mess. Then, another shocking blunder came at the end of episode four of season eight when Daenerys’ army is standing outside of Kingslanding.

A Game of Thrones fan on Reddit pinpointed exactly what was wrong about the Landing and compared it to what fans have seen in previous seasons. You be the judge and decide for yourself if there are differences.

Height Issues


Nikolaj Coster-Waldau plays the part of Jamie Lannister while standing 6’1″ tall. Gwendoline Christie has the honors of playing Brienne, who is 6’3″ tall. The show confuses people sometimes with this and we’ll tell you why.

At some points during the show, Christie looks to be sky-rocketing over Coster-Waldau. Its like their heights change depending on the episode with Lannister being the same height or even taller at times. We don’t know what’s going on.

Jon Snow’s Scar


Fans with an eagle-eye have spotted a lot mistakes with this beloved show. After Jon Snow died and came back to life in season six, there was something off about his scars.

He had been stabbed and marked in various places. Snow had scars on his neck, face, and chest. However, once he came back to life, the markings on his head and neck disappeared and the scar on his torso had changed shapes completely.

Napkin Trick


Apparently, Tyrion Lannister is some sort of magician as well. In season two, fans can see Tyrion using a napkin while talking to Cersei. The only thing is, he removes the napkin from his armor two times in a span of 20 seconds.

The conversation kept on going and the napkin even switched positions. The cycle of the napkin went from his armor, lap, back to armor then back to the table. How come they didn’t catch this?

Not That Hand!


A queen will always need saving every once in a while, just ask Super Mario. In season five, Ser Jorah Mormont went off to rescue Daenerys but he had an infected hand at the time.

Upon completing the mission, he helps down Daenerys with the hand infected with the contagious greyscale disease. This slip could have been completely accidental, or it could have been something that shows us that Daenerys is immune to the disease?

Let Them Have Their Time


We know how awkward it can be for folks to be around when a couple is making out. It’s just not something you want to be around and you also want to show respect. In season three, Jon and Ygritte get complete privacy.

After scaling The Wall, Tormund and Orell might as well have jumped off because they were no were to be seen once the camera panned out. There is no way they could have gone anywhere they couldn’t be seen that swiftly. Jon and Ygritte only started to kiss moments after the other two were on screen.

Regular Jeans And A Patagonia Jacket?!

jeans and jacket blunder

Twitter user Kevin Biegel uploaded a video of something he found while watching Game of Thrones. “Watching the Game Of Thrones first episode and there a guy in the background with a straight up Patagonia jacket, blue jeans and boots,” Biegel wrote.

Those are for sure regular jeans that he has on. As far as the Patagonia jacket goes, we would say that’s anyone’s guess. If the Starbucks cups slipped through the eyes of production, anything is possible.