The Most Beautiful Men In The World, According To Science

Eye placement, brow line, lips, and even nose position affect the symmetry of one’s face. As humans, we tend to think people with symmetrical features are more pleasing to look at, but science has given us an actual formula to map out a person’s beauty.

The Golden Ratio of Beauty Phi is derived from the ancient Greeks’ idea of perfection, and the closer to Phi, the more “accurate” the face. Would you believe that Ryan Gosling’s face is 82 percent accurate? Keep reading to learn more about the most beautiful men in the world, according to science.

The Golden Ratio Of Phi Map Was Devised By The Greeks

The Golden Ratio Of Phi Map
DeAgostini/Getty Images
DeAgostini/Getty Images

Devised by the ancient Greeks and utilized during the European Renaissance, the Golden Ratio equation aided artists and architects in the creation of their work. The idea behind the equation is that the closer the ratios of the body and face are to 1.618 (Phi), the more beautiful the person.

The facial ratio is found by measuring the length and width of one’s face and dividing the results. A variety of other measurements are taken, and it is said that the closer the numbers are to one another, the more “accurate” the face. Da Vinci used the ratio when drawing Vitruvian Man, supposedly one of the most perfectly proportioned depictions of a man.