These Most-Paused-Moments Will Change The Way You See Certain Films

The more times you watch a movie, the more likely you are to notice something that escaped your attention previously. That’s why viewers sometimes have to hit the pause button to get a closer look at something eyecatching.

Whether it’s an Easter egg in a Marvel or Disney film, or just a beloved moment like the finale of Grease, there’s plenty of reasons to hit pause. See what you may have missed in films like The Matrix, Fight Club, and Tron.

The Wayne Enterprises Logo In Man Of Steel

If there’s one thing that any superhero film fan will tell you, it’s to always pay attention to the tiniest of details. You never know what small hint may foreshadow a sequel or elude to one of the many complex dynamics in the superhero universe.

Legendary Pictures
Legendary Pictures

One such detail appeared in Man of Steel, but you’d have to pause the film to catch it. During an outer space fight scene, we catch a glimpse of the Wayne Enterprises logo on a satellite. It foreshadows the building tension between Superman and Batman.