Downright Destructive: The Most Toxic Characters In Television History

The majority of shows have a mix of characters, some who are good and some who are awful people. This helps to keep the show interesting, push the plot forward, and create tension among the characters. However, some characters are just downright toxic, with their actions towards others spanning from sadistic to manipulative and cruel. Take a look to see some of the most toxic characters in television history!

Joe Goldberg – You

Joe Goldberg is the main protagonist and fictional character of the book series You, as well as the television series of the same name. In the show, he is portrayed by the actor Penn Badgley, and by Gianni Ciardiello and Aidan Wallace as the youthful version of the character.

Picture of Penn Badgley as Joe

Joe is not only a stalker but a serial killer. He developed an incredibly delusional obsession with the character Guinevere Beck while working as a bookstore manager in New York.