From Controversial To Canceled: Movies That Would Face Backlash In Today’s Social Climate

With each new year comes a collection of movies that fail to attract much interest. Whether it’s due to inept film-making, an obnoxious tone, illogical characters, or simply boring stories, audiences see fit to drop them like a bad habit.

But sometimes, the problems people see with a movie aren’t widely apparent until long after it’s made. That could be due to the real-life actions of someone involved, or it could be baked into the movie’s plot. But in either case, these movies are more likely to offend audiences now than when they were released.

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (1994)

Although Ace Ventura: Pet Detective will always hold a special place in many comedy fans’ hearts as one of the movies that made Jim Carrey a star, the way it handles the main antagonist’s gender identity is more likely to make modern audiences cringe than laugh.

Jim Carrey crouching in tutu as Ace Ventura Pet Detective
Morgan Creek Entertainment/Warner Bros. via MovieStillsDb
Morgan Creek Entertainment/Warner Bros. via MovieStillsDb

When Ace discovers she’s transgender, both his exaggeratedly disgusted reaction and those of everyone he reveals this information has hardly helped the film age well.