Actors Who Were Beyond Perfect For Their Roles

The casting of actors and actresses for a film is a key aspect of any production. Choosing the right person helps to make a film more believable, enjoyable, and impactful. However, when it comes to casting roles for a biopic film, it is more crucial than ever. There is a lot of pressure on that actor to live up to the expectations of portraying somebody who really existed. They must learn everything about them and be able to copy it all in order to sell the character and do the person’s life justice. Here’s a list of some actors that absolutely nailed their role in a biopic film and the work they put in to do so. You won’t believe the lengths some of these actors went to in order to play these roles.

Val Kilmer Brings Jim Morrison Back to Life

At a glance, it can be difficult to differentiate these pictures as two different people from two different eras. One is the deceased frontman and poet Jim Morrison of The Doors, and the other actor Val Kilmer playing Morrison in the semi-biographical 1991 film The Doors. At first, people questioned if Kilmer was going to be a good fit for the character, but Kilmer proved them wrong.

He learned over 50 of Morrison’s songs and took over a year to get into character learning everything he could about Jim, even the way he walked and talked. He had to go to therapy after filming to get out of character.