Netflix Now Allows Subscribers to Download Movies and TV Shows

Netflix has just changed the game. The streaming service announced that starting immediately, subscribers will be able to download their favorite shows and movies to their mobile devices and take them offline. You’ll no longer need to wait to finish that episode you started when you get home. Instead, you can bring it with you.


This is huge news for Netflix subscribers since streaming content offline can put a huge dent in monthly data limits. Additionally, Wi-Fi connections can be spotty at times, which can put a real damper on your viewing, especially when you’re in the middle of a good scene.

Available for iOS and Android phones or tablets, users just need to download the latest version of the app to have downloading capabilities. The company announced that while not all titles will be immediately available for download, more will be rolled out in the coming future.

Users will be able to choose the quality of video by choosing either standard or high-definition download. However, HD downloads will vary by the type of mobile device. A standard definition file will take up less space and download quicker, which should suffice for many Netflix users. It is recommended to download the files while you have a reliable Wi-Fi connection, to avoid any surprising data charges.

Airplanes, road trips, bus and subway rides have just become much more tolerable.