Snuggle Up To These Netflix Shows And Films Arriving In December

In the throes of the holiday season, it’s nice to grab a blanket and dive into something captivating. With Netflix at the top of the entertainment food chain, you may be wondering what they’ll bring next to their already-bursting selection.

Whether you’re in the mood for something moving like Malcolm X, something light like Fuller House, or something downright unsettling like It Comes At Night, Netflix has you covered this December. Let’s take a look at the many exciting options waiting at your fingertips this winter.

All Of The Austin Powers Films

austin powers poster

Yeah, baby, yeah! Austin Powers is back with his entire trilogy available on Netflix December first. The movies are ridiculous, hilarious, and absolutely absurd at times, but what else would you expect from goofball Mike Myers?

A time-traveling spy, Austin Powers continually comes head to head with his arch-enemy, Dr. Evil, also played by Mike Myers. Full of era-specific culture, gorgeous women, and outlandish threats to society (not to mention an amazing soundtrack) these movies will warm you right up with laughter.