These Weren’t Supposed To Be Scary Movies But Still Scared Audiences

Movies don’t always have to have an axe-wielding murderer or angry supernatural entity to make it scary. There are also movies that aren’t designed to be scary, but still make people uncomfortable for various reason. Whether it’s the boat scene from Willy Wonka or the creepy stop motion of The Polar Express, some films have unexpectedly scary elements. Here’s a list of scary films that don’t fall under the genre of horror. Do any of them give you the creeps? Take a look to find out!

Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure – 1985

A 1985 American comedy film, Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure, is an American comedy film directed by Tim Burton that can be seen by many as a comedy film, but slightly disturbing to many others.

Man on a bike
Warner Bros.
Warner Bros.

Inherently, the film is meant is to be a comedy for children, but when you look at it as an adult, it can easily be seen as scary. Very few people find a grown man in a bowtie with a strange voice funny, which is why he definitely makes the list.