Oh, Fiddle Sticks! A Look Back At Dennis The Menace

How It All Began

Denver Post via Getty Images
Denver Post via Getty Images

As you may know, Dennis the Menace is derived from the comic strip of the same name developed by cartoonist Hank Ketcham. Ketcham found inspiration for the comic in his son, whose name is also Dennis. As the story goes, Ketcham’s wife at the time was trying to get their son to take a nap, but instead decided to make a huge mess of his room. Aggravated, Ketchum’s wife came to him and said, “Your son is a menace!”

Ketcham was born in Seattle, Washington and realized his love for drawing when he was only six years old. One night, during that fateful year of his life, his father had a friend over who happened to be an illustrator. Somehow, the friend got to talking about young Ketcham about drawing, Ketcham picked up a pencil, and the rest is Dennis the Menace history.