Hit Or Miss? Check Out The Outrageous Outfits These Rockstars Tried To Pull Off

Everyone is fascinated by their favorite musician, even to the point of where they will sing their lyrics, imitate their moves, play their instruments, and oh yes, even wear their clothes. Musicians have started many a fashion trend among Americans, especially the younger generations. As time goes by, fashions change, and this is where it gets bizarre! Some musicians become completely outrageous with the fashions they wear, and they end up turning heads, and maybe a few stomachs as well! Let’s look at some prominent musicians and see how their fashions have changed for better or worse.

Madonna, super pop icon and legend

Madonna rose to fame in the eighties. She came of age with a lot of memorable music icons at the time such as Cyndi Lauper, Michael Jackson, Culture Club, and many other musicians who have become legendary for their contributions to the field. This is Madonna from the eighties with the punk-chic attire of bracelets, chains, and fishnets.

The caterpillar is now a butterfly, I guess


Madonna in recent years has far exceeded the punk hipster look of thirty-something years ago. She has now evolved into some type of butterfly-esque type creature. Her costume here kind of looks like Hawkman from DC comics.

Brittney Spears over the years

This is Brittney Spears on stage sometime in the early part of the 2000’s. This is a type of bodysuit with an open chest area. Is she supposed to be a circus trainer, maybe?

I can see clearly now


Britney’s look hasn’t changed too much in recent years. I think she has that dominatrix type of thing going on. It looks like her stage performers are following in suit to leaning towards some submissive type performances.

Lady Gaga takes the mirrored ball to new heights

Here’s Lady Gaga performing on stage and dazzling the crowd in a literal sense. Lady Gaga has on what looks like a mirrored disco ball from the seventies that were so common on dance floors back then.

Let me take a crack at it


Lady Gaga appears here in stones and some type of feathered thing. Are those feathers or french fries? It’s a very eccentric outfit. They could probably be wings of sorts.

Katy Perry in 2004 B.C.!

This is Katy Perry in 2004 on stage. Well, here it goes… When you’re with Kate Perry, you’ll have, a yabba dabba doo time, a dabba doo time… okay, I just had to get that out.

On with the show I say!


Now this is something totally different — a future version of the card-men and the queen from Alice in Wonderland. Is Kate Perry playing Alice or the queen?

Jennifer Lopez

This is Jennifer Lopez about the time she started her music career. It seems like she kind of took from her fly-girl roots being one of the “fly girls” from the comedy series “In Living Color.”

Flying off of the radar!


Let us fast forward to about twenty something odd years later. Jennifer Lopez has grown in so many ways! This is a hip-hop inspired theme going back into time but she has definitely spiced things up!

Shakira half and half

Shakira appeared on stage in 2005 with a half see-through outfit and other half exposed bikini. Half or complete, you have to agree that Shakira is hot!

All that glitters


Jumping forwards to 2015, here’s Shakira on stage at a concert donning a gold tanktop. This is maybe a toned down look from ten years ago. A few performers have exhibited this pattern.

Deborah’s retro fashion and style

Here’s Deborah Harry, aka Blondie, on stage circa the late seventies or early eighties rocking a t-shirt and pants. A very tight t-shirt, I might add!

Debbie and some mature-chic


Debbie appeared on stage a few years ago in a toned-down outfit. This look for Debbie stands in sharp contrast to the rocker look from yesteryear.

Beyonce and C-3PO couture

Beyonce went wild on stage in 2007, wearing a gold, c3p0 inspired outfit — a somewhat different stage look from the norm. With the body that she has she can get away with wearing a bear outfit!

Beyonce goes athletic


Athletic Beyonce wears a backetball jersey here, with a little glam involved. This is her onstage back in 2015. It may be a Houston Rockets inspired jersey to pay homage to her hometown.

Avril Lavigne on stage

Avril Lavigne is a singer and actress. She has performed such songs as “Complicated,” “Girlfriend,” and “My Happy Ending.” Here is Avril on stage back in 2011. Nothing flashy, just casual.

Whoa where is the whip?


Here’s Avril Lavigne in 2014 performing in front of an audience. Her look is a little different from a few years ago. She has thrown garters into her wardrobe.

Look, its Pebbles!

We’ll have a do time, a yabba do time, we’ll have… ooops it happened again. It’s not Pebbles from The Flintstones. It is Shirley Manson from 2012.

Ready in red


Shirley Manson was rocking red in 2015. Maybe she has a new style going for herself. She could actually start a trend. Which trend, I don’t know, but it might work.

When she was innocent

Way back when — this was Miley Cyrus back in 2011. You see no tongue facial expressions or that super awesome short hairdo. It’s just Miley in a very nice and fashionable sleeveless outfit.

Skin is in


This is Miley Cyrus in 2015 on stage, showing some tummy and arms and chest with a monokini of sorts. A few years before this this time she let it all hang out with less and less clothing.

Karen O – Oh My!

Here’s singer Karen O back in 2003. She seems to be inspired by the 80’s in her outfit. The whole print thing was popular back then among rock musicians.

The guy from the Curious George stories?


Remember those Curious George books? Remember the guy from the book that wore all yellow? I believe Karen O is trying to bring back the look in this 2015 photo!

Diamonds and pearls

This is singer Taylor Swift back in 2008. Taylor performed in concert in her sparkly stone get-up. It was a nice outfit for a great start to her career in.

Taylor lets loose


Here’s Taylor back in 2015. The cute little girl is all grown up now and has broken out of her shell. No more cute rhinestone outfits I guess, she is too hot for them now.

Gwen Stefani

This was Gwen Stefani back in the late 90’s in her hip-hop/rock inspired garb. Gwen was sizzling hot back in the day and she had that certain sexy swag about her.

Gwen leaves no doubt


This photo shows Gwen performing on stage pretty recently, back in 2014. She seems to have kept the rock inspired look. She wears it well. She’s still got it!

Riri creating sparks

This was Rihanna back in 2006. Nice business suit bikini! Is there such thing a thing as a business suit bikini? If not, she could have started a trend on it.

Rihanna is still hot


This is Rihanna in a teddy style suit. Throughout the years, Riri has gone from hot to very risque and this outfit shows her progression.

Joan Jett in the 80s

Joan Jett rocks the black bodysuit. Joan loves rock and roll, so put another dime in the jukebox baby! Joan kicked major a#$ back then!

Joan is still going strong


Joan Jett has not departed from her rock chic and it carries on today. She can rock the latex or leather look as well. Joan is a major influence for the rocker women of the 90s and even today.

Tina turn it up

Tina Turner, in her nearly fifty year career, has had many changes that included her attire. She was known for the semi Mad Max look in the 80s!

Tina turn it up


Here’s Tina Turner on stage with Beyonce. Tina has calmed her look somewhat but she is still super hot. The spacey look is cool as well as the Mad Max look.

Cyndi Lauper  – synthetic sweetness

Here’s Cyndi Lauper back in the 80s. Cyndi wore the bracelets and the all-too-common animal print clothing that was fashionable back in those days.

Cyndi toned way down


Cyndi Lauper time after time… time after time… okay let me get off of the eighties daydreaming and back to the subject. Cyndi goes all dark in modern times.

Lisa Loeb not socially inept

Lisa Loeb in her sexy but very conservative shoulderless outfit. It looks like she is about to play the violin for a formal recital, but that was not the case back in this 90s photo.

Lisa rocks!


Lisa Loeb in more recent times. It seems like she has not departed from her looks from back then, maybe just slightly. It seems like she has gained some guns along the way also.

Mariah Carey in the early 90s

Mariah Carey is a vision of love. Here’s Mariah Carey on stage with that 90’s style of the day, the tanktop and jacket combo that was fashionable back then.

Mariah in sequins


Mariah Carey’s style has become somewhat risque since her early 90’s debut. She definitely flaunts the goods in this sequined outfit for all to see.