Predictions That Aired On The Simpsons And Actually Came True

Even if you don’t typically believe in conspiracy theories, these predictions are just too accurate to overlook. In their TV episodes, The Simpsons have shown inventions that hadn’t hit the market yet and were even able to predict events that later made major headlines. What’s really mind-boggling is that many of the events don’t happen until nearly a decade later.

Curious George And Ebola

The Simpsons

During 2013-2014, the Ebola virus scare was massive. People were afraid for their lives as the biggest outbreak to date started in West Africa and resulted in 11,310 deaths.

Back in 1997, a Simpsons episode titled “Lisa’s Sax” aired showing Marge reading Bart a story. But this story had the title of Curious George and the Ebola Virus. We never stood a chance once this came out.