Prince’s Influence: The Women He Collaborated With

As evidenced in his music and video catalog, the multi-talented artist Prince not only loved women, but championed many female artists throughout his career. Often, their collaborations would take place behind the scenes as he would write or produce for both emerging and established artists. In many cases, this resulted in seismic, career-defining hit songs or exposure. Here’s a shortlist of women that Prince collaborated with throughout his incredible career.

Apollonia Kotero: Purple Rain’s Leading Lady

Prince fans will never forget Apollonia Kotero’s head-turning eponymous role as “the Kid’s” love interest in the iconic film, Purple Rain. The former L.A. Rams cheerleader replaced the original actress cast in the lead role, Denise Matthews (aka Vanity), after she dropped out at the last minute. Prince produced an album for Kotero’s group, the newly dubbed Apollonia 6, that in combination with the movie, helped to launch a worldwide tour.

Prince And Apollonia Kotero In 'Purple Rain'
Warner Brothers/Getty Images
Warner Brothers/Getty Images

She continued to have a successful acting/singing career and years later still remembers Prince fondly, posting in a heartbreaking letter on her Facebook page after his death, “I see you everywhere. I see you in everything.”