Shows That Came To An End Because Actors Called A Wrap On Their Characters

It’s a sad day when popular shows come to an end. But it’s even sadder when a long-running series comes to an end because one of its main actors decides its time for a new venture, leaving the show behind.

From Jim Parsons saying goodbye to Dr. Sheldon Cooper on The Big Bang Theory to Sarah Michelle Gellar ending an era of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, here are some popular shows that were canceled solely because a lead actor decided to leave.

Ted Danson Wanted To Move On From Cheers

First aired in 1993, Cheers quickly became a must-watch sitcom in more than one household. Holding a top-ten rating for most of its run, the series came to an abrupt halt when lead actor Ted Danson decided it was time to move on to other ventures.

Ted Danson Ended Cheers

As the guy who owned the bar “Cheers,” executive producer, and co-creator Les Charles knew there was no chance the series was going to survive without Danson. Even though the rest of the castmates pleaded with the actor to do a final season, it didn’t happen. The show ended its long-run after 11 seasons.