That’s Die-Hard: 20 Sports Fans Who Took It Way Too Far

The word “fan” is derived from the Latin word, “fanaticus” which means “insanely but divinely inspired.”

That phrase seems to ring true with die-hard sports fans, who are loyal enough to do just about anything for their team.

When someone becomes a sports fanatic, they become a part of the team and take on the emotions of the players. They suffer during the hard losses and energetically celebrate the victories. You’ve probably experienced this. With super fandom comes ridiculous spirit wear (or none at all), seemingly random superstitions, and sometimes sad and unfortunate outcomes. Some might say that these fans took things a little (or a lot) too far.

Click on to see just how crazy these sports fans got and how far they went to cheer on their teams. You’ll be amazed at #3! I can’t believe he’s still alive!

Protest at the Goal Post

This sports fan handcuffed himself to the goal post in an attempt to gain the attention of big European airline RyanAir. Evidently, the company did not give his daughter a job and he thought the best way to protest was to run down into the field and take action. Though others tried to convince him to uncuff himself and allow the soccer teams to play, he was stubborn and the police were called to remove him. Now just what RyanAir has to do with English Premier League Soccer, I haven’t figured out yet.