Take This Challenging Black And White Movie Quiz And Find Out If You’re A True Cinephile

Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman in [redacted]
Warner Bros. via MovieStillsDb
Warner Bros. via MovieStillsDb

For many children, it’s often hard to pay attention to a movie in black and white. Colorful movies often seem so much more vibrant and exciting compared to the films of yesteryear, and the classics have a way of seeming boring for those with boundless energy.

And while some people never stop feeling that way, it’s common for people to give black-and-white cinema another look as they get older. There are so many timeless performances and stories from before color filmmaking became commonplace, and even now, some directors will find that the black-and-white aesthetic has its own mystique. So here’s a chance to get acquainted with all things black and white!

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