Taylor Swift Will Be Making Original Content for AT&T

Is there anything that Taylor Swift can’t do? The pop juggernaut already has lucrative deals with Apple and Apple Music, but now Swift has signed with AT&T to create original content for the telecom giant. Fans can look forward to a show called ‘Taylor Swift Now’, behind-the-scenes clips, never before seen videos, and more. It seems like the sky is the limit for this partnership as AT&T looks to begin a strong focus on original programming with a brand new streaming TV service. Who better to be the face of this movement than one of the biggest pop stars in the world?

Taylor Swift Edit

While no official launch date has been set for the release of the Swift-featured content, it appears that fans will only need to wait a few weeks according to AT&T executive Brad Bentley.

It’s been recently rumored that Swift was in the studio making new music with fellow Apple Music star Drake. While details are scarce on the new music, it is certainly an interesting pairing that could create some potential big hits if they continue to collaborate. Will any of this new material be part of this new deal? We will all find out soon enough.

As part of the new deal with AT&T, Swift will also headline a concert the night before this year’s Super Bowl in Houston. With Lady Gaga billed for the Super Bowl Halftime Show, it brings the possibility of a potential guest appearance by Swift during Gaga’s set.

Exciting times to be a Taylor Swift fan.