Beam Me Up, Scotty! Iconic Women Who Have Appeared On Star Trek

Taking a journey in a starship would be incredibly exciting. Imagine spending all of your time navigating the universe and exploring other worlds. You may encounter some friendly aliens, some potentially hostile enemy forces, or even some really hot babes!

Star Trek’s exciting plot lines made it one of the most popular science fiction franchises ever — but even the thrilling stories aren’t the same without a healthy dose of beautiful women. Whether they were human or alien, fans adore the many smokin’ hot aliens who have appeared on the show over the decades. If you want to refresh your memory, these Star Trek babes are hotter than the atmosphere on Venus. Click through to see what they look like now (spoiler: still gorgeous) and find out the drama behind each pretty face.

Susan Oliver as Vina

Star Trek’s producers did a good thing by putting one of the hottest women ever in the pilot episode to draw in viewers. Susan Oliver’s first appearance was as Vina, which ended up becoming one of the most iconic female characters in the series.


Vina made her appearance in the pilot episode titled “The Cage.” She had illusionary powers, and she could transform herself into an exotic green girl with some pretty serious dance moves. Behind every beautiful woman, there’s some secret tragedy. When Oliver was cast, she had yet to experience the accident that would change her life.