Beam Me Up, Scotty! Iconic Women Who Have Appeared On Star Trek

Taking a journey in a starship would be incredibly exciting. Imagine spending all of your time navigating the universe and exploring other worlds. You may encounter some friendly aliens, some potentially hostile enemy forces, or even some really hot babes!

Star Trek’s exciting plot lines made it one of the most popular science fiction franchises ever — but even the thrilling stories aren’t the same without a healthy dose of beautiful women. Whether they were human or alien, fans adore the many smokin’ hot aliens who have appeared on the show over the decades. If you want to refresh your memory, these Star Trek babes are hotter than the atmosphere on Venus. Click through to see what they look like now (spoiler: still gorgeous) and find out the drama behind each pretty face.

Susan Oliver as Vina

Star Trek’s producers did a good thing by putting one of the hottest women ever in the pilot episode to draw in viewers. Susan Oliver’s first appearance was as Vina, which ended up becoming one of the most iconic female characters in the series.

Vina made her appearance in the pilot episode titled “The Cage.” She had illusionary powers, and she could transform herself into an exotic green girl with some pretty serious dance moves. Behind every beautiful woman, there’s some secret tragedy. When Oliver was cast, she had yet to experience the accident that would change her life.

Susan Oliver

Since making an appearance on Star Trek Susan Oliver went on to take part in a long list of television shows including Peyton Place, M*A*S*H and Gunsmoke. Oliver was also a main cast member on the soap opera Days of Our Lives which landed her an Emmy nomination for “Outstanding Performance by a Supporting Actress.”

The actress also took up an interest in aviation and was working towards her pilot license. Ironically, she survived two near deaths while being a passenger on a plane, and eventually became so afraid of flying that she turned down jobs and even underwent hypnosis to overcome her fear of flying. She passed away in 1990 at the age of 58.

Sherry Jackson as Andrea

Sherry Jackson made her appearance on Star Trek in the season 1 episode “What Are Little Girls Made Of?” Andrea was not a human. She was an android created by a mad scientist. Why would a mad scientist create a beautiful woman? It gives us chills to question.

Andrea had the ability to mimic what she saw, but she could not display human emotions. Despite her epic beauty, that probably meant she was a terrible date. Andrea was used as a test subject for Captain Kirk. In the episode, Kirk gave her a kiss and she wasn’t that into it (since she couldn’t feel human feelings). She later developed the ability to feel, which was sparked by a crush on Kirk. Unfortunately, she ends up getting destroyed later in the episode.

The next Star Wars beauty also appeared in Batman and even Playboy. Of course, she is still gorgeous today.

Sherry Jackson

Sherry came from a family of entertainers. Her mother, Kathleen Gilbert, greatly supported her career and provided lessons for drama, singing and dancing when Sherry was young. When her father passed away, Sherry and her mother moved to Los Angeles. This is where she received her first role in a feature film at the age of seven.

Sherry has a star dedicated to her on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. In addition to her work on Star Trek, the actress has appeared in Batman, My Three Sons, The Wild Wild West and even Playboy Magazine. Jackson also had a rich personal life. She was in a five-year relationship with business executive Fletcher R. Jones until he was killed in a plane accident in 1972. Jackson sued his estate, asking for over $1 million, but was denied.

Celeste Yarnall’s Passing

Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images Twitter/DouglasFuchs

In October of 2018, former Star Trek actress Celeste Yarnall died after battling ovarian cancer for four years. She was 74. Her husband, artist Nazim Nazim, announced the death, saying in a statement that “she was magnificent in everything she did. She was my beloved queen.”

Yarnall played Yeoman Martha Landon on Star Trek, in a 1967 episode called “The Apple.” In 2013 she spoke with a fan club and said, “life is just a blessing and a gift. I’ve been on what I call a celestial Trek, and it’s wonderful that fans of the show keep us (people who were involved in Star Trek) alive in their memories and with their good wishes.”

France Nuyen as Elaan


France Nuyen appeared as Elaan in the season 3 episode “Elaan of Troyius.” She was the epitome of a bad girl. Elaan had the temperament of a mad pitbull with all the arrogance and brattiness of a rich, spoiled teenager.

In addition to her rudeness, any man who came in contact with her tears would become her love slave. She even put her charm to use on Captain Kirk and held him captive. Thank goodness for Spock, who found an antidote to make the Captain come out of her spell. This episode was somewhat groundbreaking, as it displayed people of two different races engaged in a love scene.

France Nuyen

Aside from Star Trek, France Nuyen appeared in Gunsmoke, Hawaii Five-O, Charlie’s Angels, and Magnum P.I. Nuyen was born in France to a Vietnamese father and a Romani mother. She left school at the young age of 11 years old to study art. She often stood in as a model for artists in addition to working as a seamstress. She was discovered by a major magaine photographer who featured her on the cover of Life in October 1958. That same year she began acting in films. She’s appeared in South Pacific, In love in War, Diamond Head, and The Joy Luck Club among others.

Later on, Nuyen would marry and divorce twice before pursuing an education in psychology. She received her master’s degree and sought to help abused women and children, as well as women behind bars. She received a Woman of the Year Award in 1989 for her psychological work.

Nichelle Nichols as Lt. Uhura

Nichelle Nichols played the role of Lt. Uhura and appeared in several Star Trek movies as this character. Nichols’ character was a breakthrough in more ways than one. She was one of the first African-American women to play a powerful role on TV rather than being depicted as a servant. She was also the first character to be involved in an interracial display of affection with Captain Kirk.

Lt. Uhura eventually became a commander by the time Star Trek III rolled around. Originally, she was a communications officer who was added to the cast to give the Enterprise crew more diversity.

Nichelle Nichols

Nichelle Nichols started her acting career in 1959. She’s more than just a beautiful actress, too. After Star Trek, Nichols assisted NASA in recruiting women and minorities into the space shuttle program. She’s also written two science-fiction novels and published an autobiography, Beyond Uhura: Star Trek and Other Memories.

She was briefly hospitalized for a stroke in 2015, but the 83-year-old actress told Entertainment Tonight, “I am feeling the best that I felt in a very long time.” In May 2018, it was announced that Nichols as suffering from advanced dementia and severe short-term memory loss.

Kirstie Alley as Saavik

Kirstie Alley may be one of the most well known actresses who made an appearance on Star Trek. She made her debut as Saavik in the movie Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. Like many of the alien women in the series, Saavik lacked human emotions. She was a Vulcan, and a very hot one at that.

Kristie Alley’s role in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan probably got her the opportunity to become a cast member on Cheers. Fans liked Saavik because of her strength and beauty, but unfortunately, Kirstie Alley left the show after unsuccessful contract negotiations. Robin Curtis replaced Kristie Alley, which was a big let down for Trekkies everywhere.

Kirstie Alley

Born in Kansas, Kirstie Alley had humble beginnings. Her father owned a lumber company. Alley initially moved to Los Angeles after graduating Kansas State University to pursue Scientology and work as an interior designer. Star Trek was Kirstie Alley’s big break, and she has been in the spotlight ever since. After Cheers, Alley starred in a number of films and television shows. She won two Emmy Awards for her work and has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

It was evident that Alley gained weight over the years (though she was and still is a natural beauty). This lead Alley to become spokesperson for Jenny Craig. In 2016 she tweeted her support for Donald Trump before retracting her endorsement later that year. She tweeted, “I hate this election and I’m officially no longer endorsing either candidate.”

Barbara Bouchet as Kelinda

Barbara Bouchet played the alluring Kelinda on the episode titled “By Any Other Name.” She also made an appearance in an episode called “Educating Kelinda.” Kelinda was part of a race of aliens called Kelvans. She was unable to sense human emotions at first, but Captain Kirk “showed her the way” (as he seemed to have a knack for).

Captain Kirk must have been the luckiest guy in space. He had so many encounters with alien women and the ladies on the starship. I’m sure that Captain Kirk liked the sexiness of Kelinda (who doesn’t love a blonde babe). She was so beautiful that she could even pull off that interesting hairdo. Did they give her that funny hair style to make her her appear more alien? Probably. Who knows what’s in fashion in another galaxy.

Nancy Kovack as Nona

Nancy Kovack played the role of the stunning Nona on the Season 2 episode titled “A Private Little War.” In this episode, Nona is the wife of a guy named Tyree. Poor Tyree is completely under her control. Someone on the Star Trek crew really dug deep for this one, and we’re hoping it’s not because they felt stuck in their marriage!

Nona had healing powers and was an excellent dancer. She eventually healed Captain Kirk with her herbs after he got attacked by a Mugato. She went a little loopy afterwards in the episode because she thought the villagers around her were going to take over. She eventually died (one of the easiest ways in the book to write off a character).

Nancy Kovack’s Later Life


Kovack has both brains and beauty. She began attending college at the age of 15 and graduated at 19. She worked as a radio deejay and won eight titles in beauty pageants. After college, Kovack was discovered at a wedding and began taking TV acting jobs in New York. One of her first gigs was as one of Jackie Gleason’s “Glea Girls.”

Kovack’s acting skills led her to an Emmy nomination in 1969. She has since retired and married the famous maestro, Zubin Mehta, who was the director of the Los Angeles and New York Philharmonic. They have two children.

Marina Sirtis as Deanna Troi

The babely Marina Sirtis played the role of Deanna Troi in Star Trek: The Next Generation. Deanna Troi was a counselor on board the Enterprise ship. She was able to read people’s feelings (seriously, who wouldn’t want that special power?).

Most people remember Deanna Troi because of her awesome figure, long flowing hair and extra tight leotard. The leotard she was wearing also had a plunging neckline to feature the obvious, which would have been noticeable even without the neckline (we’re not creepy enough to say she has good rack, but girl, you’re killing it!). There aren’t many counselors who wear super tight leotards considering the professional nature of the job, but Deanna, you do you.

Marina Sirtis

Marina Sirtis is one of the few Star Trek babes who stuck around and made a solid career out of the franchise. After the television series, Sirtis also played the role of Counselor Deanna Troi in the four feature films. She emigrated from London to Los Angeles when she was 31-years-old to be cast in Star Trek.

Before joining the cast of Star Trek, the British-born Sirtis had roles in several British films, most of them controversial. She has played a rape victim in the past and held the role of a call girl who gets murdered in Blind Date. Although she says she’s a huge fan of chick flicks, her post- StarTrek career carried a theme of science fiction and murder mysteries. She is still active in her acting career today.

Barbara Bouchet

Before becoming an actress, Bouchet was a model, landing on magazine covers and television commercials. She even appeared in two editions of Playboy in the years leading up to Star Trek. Bouchet eventually ended up in Italy to pursue starring roles where she opened a fitness studio and a production company for fitness books.

In 1974, she married an Italian producer and had two sons who became a TV chef and a bartender. Although they seemed like a match made in heaven (they worked in the same industry), the couple separated in 2006. Her last American film was Gangs of New York as Mrs. Schermerhorn.

Celeste Yarnall as Yeoman Martha Landon

Celeste Yarnall played the role of the youthful Yeoman Martha Landon in the second season episode”The Apple.” In Star Trek, a yeoman is essentially a personal assistant. There were some men who served as yeomen throughout the series, but Landon appeared to have that adorable personal assistant appeal. She had a youthful appearance, and her space uniform suited her well.

She was just one of the few youthful women who were around on the Enterprise. Although she was not one of the love interests of Captain James Kirk, she definitely had a man. She had a relationship with Starfleet officer Pavel Chekov.

Celeste Yarnall

Born in Long Beach, California, not far from Los Angeles, Celeste Yarnall was quickly discovered after high school graduation. She began her acting career in television, but also worked as a model and spokesperson. Yarnall co-starred in Live a Little, Love a Little alongside Elvis Presley. She also appeared in Bewitched and Wild, Wild West. Yarnall won multiple awards for her acting including the award for the National Association of Theatre Owners’ “Most Promising New Star” in 1968.

Later inher career, Yarnall wrote a book about holistic health care for cats, which kicked off a series of books on cat and dog health. She married British painter Nazim Artist and still lives just outside of Los Angeles.

Marianna Hill as Dr. Helen Noel

Marianna Hill appeared in the season 1 episode titled “Dagger of the Mind.” She played the role of Dr. Helen Noel, another gorgeous women who made being aboard the Enterprise bearable. Hill has the best set of dimples that you have ever seen and an innocent but sexy aesthetic.

Helen Noel’s last name is French for Christmas. Dr. Noel met Captain Kirk at a Christmas party — was that a coincidence or fate? Like what usually happens when a femal character is introduced on Star Trek, Captain Kirk moved in. The ever-so-lucky Captain just happened to get a big ole smooch from this gorgeous space babe.

Marianna Hill

After her role on Star Trek as Dr. Helen Noel, Marianna Hill went on to have a very successful acting career appearing in a whopping 70 films and television episodes. She was most known for her starring role in High Plains Drifter, a Western film from 1973. She also guest starred on sitcoms and films including Bonanza, Hogan’s Heroes, Gunsmoke, Wild, Wild West, and Mission: Impossible.

Hill was known for playing a wide range of roles with different accents. Although she was born in Santa Barbara, California, her family often moved around. She lived in Canada, Spain, and Great Britain before settling down. This led her to be selected for roles with different accents, including playing women who were German, Irish, Hawaiian, Greek, and French. She officially retired in 2005, but in 2012, she posed for a fan in the above picture.

Emily Banks as Tonia Barrows

Emily Banks played the role of Tonia Barrows in the episode “Shore Leave.” Emily Banks wasn’t only an actress. Before her acting debut, she was Ms. Rheingold and represented the Rheingold Beer company. The producers made the right choice in putting her aboard the Enterprise. She was another yeoman character that was put into the series for eye candy — and boy, was she gorgeous.

Instead of being a love interest for Captain Kirk, Tonia Barrows was actually the love interest of Doctor McCoy. Hey, let’s face it, Captain Kirk isn’t the only one who needed a little loving.

Emily Banks

Born in Norfolk, Virginia, Emily Banks had humble beginnings but quickly made her way to fame. Aside from playing the role of Tonia Barrows in Star Trek, Banks also appeared in Gunflght in Abilene, Live a Little, Love a Little and The Tim Conway Show. The long-legged beauty also had a part in Bewitched.

After appearing on television series from the late ’60s to early ’70s she largely disappeared from the spotlight, and not much can be found on her since.

Mariette Hartley as Zarabeth

Take a look at Mariette Hartley, who played the role of Zarabeth on season 1’s “All Our Yesterdays.” Does the costume look familiar to you? It probably does if you remember Raquel Welch from the movie One Million Years BC. The popularity of that movie likely had an influence on this character.

Once again, Captain Kirk misses out as a love interest in “All Our Yesterdays” (like he needs anymore women). In an unusual twist, Spock becomes Zarabeth’s sort-of romantic partner. Spock meets her after traveling back in time. Unfortunately, when he returned to his own time, he learned that she had existed 5,000 years ago. Poor Spock. Alien hearts break just the same as a human’s.

Mariette Hartley

Mariette Hartley’s career began at the young age of eight years old. Before appearing on Star Trek, Hartley had a role on The Twilight Zone and Bonanza. Over the decades, she’s stayed active in the entertainment industry and had many parts in both television and film, including roles in Little House on the Prairie and M*A*S*H. In 1979, she won an Emmy Award for “Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series” for her part in CBS’ The Incredible Hulk.

In her personal life, Hartley has been married three times. Her father’s tragic suicide lead her to found the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, which aims to raise awareness of the impact of bipolar disorder.

Maggie Thrett as Ruth Bonaventure

Maggie Thrett sizzled on the television screen as Ruth Bonaventure in season 1’s episode “Mudd’s Women.” Bonaventure had the most seductive eyes that you could ever imagine. In the episode, she and a few other ladies accompanied a con-man named Harcourt Fenton Mudd who went around the galaxy swindling and causing mischief. Mudd gave the girls a drug called the Venus Drug and attempted to sell the women to some willing lithium miners.

The plot for this episode was a little taboo. Human trafficking is no joke, and this episode would have been considered very extreme even by today’s standards.

Maggie Thrett

Born in New York city, Thrett moved to Hollywood to pursue her acting career. After appearing on Star Trek, Thrett had a part in Three in the Attic and Cover Me Babe. Ultimately, Thrett decided that the entertainment industry wasn’t for her. She spent most of her life savings buying her way out of her contract with American International Pictures. She grew tired of the constant auditions and dealing with higher ups in the industry who pursued her for a romantic relationship.

Thrett left Hollywood and has never looked back. The retired actress is now happily married with three kids.

Yvonne Craig as Marta

Yvonne Craig was a fixture on television screens everywhere during the ’60s. Of course, this gorgeous babe made an appearance on Star Trek as the green-skinned hottie Marta in the episode titled “Whom Gods Destroy.” In this episode, she played a beautiful but clueless lady who had an unstable mind.

Marta was not the type of lady Captain Kirk wanted a relationship is (apparently, his standards went beyond just good-looking). Marta tried to lure Kirk, and after failing to seduce him, she pulled out a knife! As stated earlier, Yvonne Craig was a fixture on television in the ’60s, and this character was iconic. Can you guess what other show she appeared in during that time?

Yvonne Craig

Originally a ballerina dancer, Yvonne Craig moved to Los Angeles from Ohio to pursue her dancing career. Her career took a turn towards acting, and Craig soon found herself being cast for roles in film. She is most well-known for her part as Batgirl in the third season of the 1960s ABC television series Batman. Her part earned her a nod from The Huffington Post and The New York Times, stating that she promoted female power and was “a pioneer of female superheroes.”

She stepped back from the Hollywood spotlight and started a career as a real estate broker. Craig has also been an advocate for workers’ unions, women’s health and equal pay for women. She has given back in her philanthropy. Sadly, Craig passed away at the age of 78 due to cancer.

Lee Meriwether as Losira

Lee Meriwether was another icon of the ’60s whose presence graced the Star Trek screen. In Star Trek, Lee Meriwether played the role of Losira in the episode titled “That Which Survives.” Losira had sinister powers. Whoever she touched would die. The character was really farfetched. She didn’t actually exist because she was a computer projection of a woman who had passed away a long time ago.

Both Lee Meriwether and Yvonne Craig appeared in the quirky television series Batman as Catwoman and Batgirl, respectfully.

Lee Meriwether

Before she ever appeared on Star Trek, Lee Meriwether won the 1955 Miss America pageant. Post-Star Trek, she earned two Golden Globe Award nominations and an Emmy Award nomination for her role in the crime drama Barnaby Jones. Similar to Yvonne Craig, Meriwether also has a connection to Batman, having played Catwoman in the 1966 film version.

More recently, Meriwether played the role of Ruth Martin on All My Children and has made guest appearances on Desperate Housewives, Hawaii Five-O and The League. Both of her daughters, Kyle Aletter-Oldham and Lesley Aletter, are actresses.

Grace Lee Whitney as Yeoman Janice Rand

The late Grace Lee Whitney played the role of yet another yeoman. Her character Janice Rand debuted in the episode “Charlie X.” Grace Whitney appeared in eight episodes of Star Trek before she was written out of the show. She would later return in other Star Trek episodes and movies.

Yeoman Janice Rand was Charlie’s first crush in “Charlie X.” Unfortunately, Rand had a thing for Captain Kirk because she loved older men. There was some sexual tension between Captain Kirk and Rand, so we know she wasn’t just imagining it all.

Grace Lee Whitney

After eight episodes, Whitney was released from her contract. She was extremely bitter about the unprovoked firing, and confessed in her book, The Longest Trek, that she was sexually assaulted by an executive of the show. Whitney also said she was let go for a sort of gross reason. She said, “They wanted William Shatner to have romances in each episode with a different person because for him to be stuck with one woman was not good for him and it wasn’t good for the audience. That’s what they told me, so I was written out.”

Outside of her acting career, Whitney has dedicated herself to helping others find sobriety and overcoming addictions. Grace Whitney passed away in 2015 at the age of 85.

Lois Jewell as Drusilla

Lois Jewell played the ravishing Drusilla in the season 2 episode called “Bread and Circuses.” Captain Kirk is a prisoner in this episode, and Drusilla is assigned to him. She said in this episode that she was going to “give [Captain Kirk] his last hours as a man.” This was very euphemistically done in order to protect the innocent ears watching Star Trek at that time.

Drusilla said that she was “ordered to please” Kirk. This was perhaps one of the raciest episodes in the whole Star Trek franchise. You can imagine what happened after a simple kiss. As a slave girl in a rich Roman household, Drusilla is a well-kept blonde bombshell. Unfortunately, her character is little more than another notch in Kirk’s belt.

Lois Jewell

Lois Jewell had the shortest acting career of any of the Star Trek babes. After appearing on Star Trek in 1966, Lois Jewell was part of the cast of The Flying Nun. Before taking up acting, Jewell was a fashion and cosmetic model in New York and Europe. She moved to California and went to a modeling agency, but found herself being cast for acting roles instead.

Similar to Maggie Thrett, Jewell decided that entertainment industry wasn’t for her and didn’t agree with its sex culture. She opened business with her husband, a caricature artist, but unfortunately, passed away in 2014 at the age of 76.

Barbara Luna as Lt. Marlena Moreau

In the Star Trek episode “Mirror, Mirror,” Barbara Luna plays the role of the sexy Marlena Moreau. In the episode, there are two versions of Marlena Moreau. One is good, and the other is evil. The character is from an alternate universe.

As with every series that has an alternate evil twin, the bad twin is either destroyed or banished, and the good one sticks around. After everything is said and done in this episode, Lt. Marlena Moreau gets to spend some time with the Captain. The best endings are always the happy ones, especially when you spend it with a beautiful lady like Marlena Moreau.

Barbara Luna

Born in Manhattan, Barbara Luna started her Broadway career at an early age by starring in the musical South Pacific. Her television career began when Director Mervyn LeRoy saw her performance as Lotus Blossom in The Teahouse of the August Moon. She appeared in over 500 TV episodes throughout her long-spanning career.

Luna appeared in Fantasy Island, Dallas, The Bill Cosby Show, Mission: Impossible, The Outer Limits, and many others. Her acting career was nonstop, but she now enjoys her work as a philanthropist.

Tania Lemani as Kara

Tania Lemani played the role of Kara in a season 2 episode called “Wolf in the Fold.” In the episode, she showcases her dancing skills by giving an awesome belly dance. At the time this aired, it was sort of scandalous for the network.

After Kara’s awesome belly dance, things take a turn for the worse. Kirk lets fellow crew member Scotty take Kara for a walk in the fog. In a weird twist of events, she is murdered by the spirit of Jack the Ripper. Apparently, anything can happen in Hollywood and anything can happen in space.

Tania Lemani

Interestingly enough, Tania Lemani’s career began in classic ballet dance. Her parents were Russian, and she was born while they lived in Iran. This international beauty speaks English, Russian and Persian fluently. She also knows some Spanish, Armenian, Ukrainian and Italian.

After moving to the United States, Lemani went to Las Vegas in search of work. She ended up finding a job as a belly dancer instead of a classic ballet dancer. After appearing on Star Trek, Lemani went on to play roles in over 20 films.

Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine

Jeri Ryan played one of the hottest characters to ever grace television. In Star Trek, she played the character Seven of Nine. The name sounds like some type of card game, but it actually fits very well. Seven of Nine is a former Borg (presumably the seventh made out of nine). She was eventually freed and tried to find out everything about her human side.

Seven of Nine was one of those characters who had a conflict to deal with internally. She was a Borg trying to find her humanity. Not to mention, she rocked a skin-tight leotard like no other. You go girl!

Shari Nims as Sayana

In the Star Trek episode, “The Apple,” Shari Nim’s character Sayana is kissed by her boyfriend Makora. Sayana is depicted as a dark version of a flower child, with no concept of love or sex. Although her hair is decorated with flowers, her make-up is dark and mysterious, which draws Makora to her even though he can tell her heart is as cold as ice.

Jolene Blalock as T’Pol

The new generation of Star Trek babes kept with the old recipe of beautiful women with alien features. Jolene Blalock played one of the prettiest women to ever appear in the Star Trek franchise.

Jolene Blalock played the character T’Poi, the very first Vulcan to serve on a human ship. She was known to have a few mood swings, but that didn’t take away from her appeal with Trekkies. There’s something about those cheekbones and pointed ears, isn’t there? What a babe.

Jolene Blalock

It definitely helps to be a fan of whatever job you want to do when you are a child. Jolene Blalock basically got her dream job. Before the curvaceous actress and model appeared in Star Trek Enterprise, Blalock was a self-confessed Trekkie. Another ironic fact is that she played the Vulcan scientist T’Poi, and her favorite character was Mr. Spock, who was also a Vulcan. She was basically made for the part.

Blalock started her acting career by participating in school plays, and when she became a teenager, she transitioned into the world of modeling. Her first acting gig was in on the sitcom Veronica’s Closet. She has posed in magazines such as FHM and Playboy.

Bibi Besch as Carol Marcus

Dr. Carol Marcus was a molecular biologist who had a thing for Captain Kirk. She liked the Captain so much, she had a child with him named David Marcus. After their relationship, Dr. Carol Marcus decided that her duty as a mother and her work as a molecular biologist was more important than her relationship with Captain Kirk (seriously, snaps for Marcus for empowering young women everywhere).

Bibi Besch played the original Dr. Carol Marcus, and actress Alice Eve played the updated version of the character. In the series, Dr. Marcus finds out that her father was a part of the original fleet and had a very dark side to him.

Bibi Besch

Bibi Besch was best known for her role as molecular biologist Dr. Carol Marcus in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. She made her onscreen acting debut on the soap opera The Secrjaet Storm in 1966 and appeared in numerous television shows and movies in her decades long career.

Bibi Besch did not feel comfortable playing the role of Dr. Carol Marcus. According to The Making of the Trek Films, she stated that: “I tried to make it as Human as possible rather than trying to fit into something that already was because this character hadn’t existed before, and I didn’t really feel that I had to do that [….] It’s difficult to play a woman who has had a relationship with someone that everybody knows. So I tried to make it believable for myself. I fantasized about an early affair [between Kirk and Carol Marcus] and why it turned out the way it did. What kind of people we both became, how I got to be where I was, not just as a scientist but as a woman who wouldn’t have told Kirk for all those years that he had a son.”

Michelle Forbes as Ro Laren

Michelle Forbes made her first appearance on the television series Star Trek: The Next Generation as Ro Laren. Although she had a brief role on the series, the producers liked the character and she remained a mainstay.

Ro Laren was a member of the Bajoran race. She got off to a bad start because she was responsible for a mission that got some of the Starfleet crew members killed. She had a bit of a feisty attitude and got into it with some of the officers on the Starfleet. The character was going to appear on Deep Space Nine, but Michelle Forbes declined the offer.

Michelle Forbes

Michelle Forbes wanted to be a ballet dancer. All of her dreams of becoming a ballet dancer changed when she was on vacation in New York. She auditioned for a film, but she did not get the part. She did like the experience of acting, and she eventually signed with the William Morris Agency.

Michelle Forbes began her acting career in 1987. She played both Solita Carrera Lewis and Sonni Carrera Lewis on the soap opera Guiding Light. She has played in such films as Dry Martini, Kalifornia, and Just Looking. She played the role of Ro Laren on The Next Generation, but turned down the role of Ro Laren for Deep Space Nine because she wanted to act in movies instead of television.

Gates Mcfadden as Beverly Crusher

Every lead guy in any Star Trek series has to have a love interest. Captain Picard’s love interest just happened to be the fiery redhead Dr. Beverly Crusher. Dr. Beverly Crusher was the chief medical officer of the USS Enterprise-D. Beverly Crusher had a connection with Captain Picard. She was a widow and her husband was Captain Picard’s best friend. Crusher and Picard had some feelings for each other, but the spark was not igniting the flame.

Beverly Crusher was a relaxed individual who knew how to protect herself in numerous conflicts. Crusher was overbearing at times to her son, crew mate Wesley Crusher. She was also a dancer and was known as “the dancing doctor.”

Gates Mcfadden

Cheryl Gates McFadden, otherwise known as Gates McFadden, is an accomplished dancer, puppeteer, and actress. She is best known for playing Dr. Beverly Crusher on Star Trek: The Next Generation. She has worked with famed puppeteer Jim Henson on such movies as Labyrinth, where she served as the lead choreographer and puppeteer, and also The Muppets Take Manhattan.

Gates McFadden put her dancing skills to use on Star Trek: The Next Generation as well and was dubbed “the dancing doctor.” In addition to acting, Gates McFadden has taught theater at various schools including Harvard, Purdue, and the University of Southern California.

Linda Park as Hoshi Sato

Hoshi Sato served as a communications officer and linguist on the Enterprise NX-01. She is adroit when it comes to being a linguist, but she was actually kicked off of the Starfleet. She was later brought back onto the Starfleet because they had relied on her too much to go without. Although she did not get a lot of time on the screen, she was a fan favorite.

Most people who speak in other languages are seen as sexy. Hoshi Sato had the perfect balance of sexiness and skill, especially when she was in a mirrored universe and her alternate ego was that of a temptress.

Linda Park

There must be a connection between ballet and Star Trek. Michelle Forbes started off being a dancer before appearing in the series. Linda Park is also a ballet dancer in addition to being an actress. Park was born in Seoul, South Korea, and her parents relocated to San Jose, California. She went on to study at Boston University and received a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts degree.

Linda Park landed a small role in the movie Jurassic Park III. She is perhaps best known for playing the role of communication officer Hoshi Sato in Star Trek: Enterprise. Park is fluent in English and Korean and speaks some French also.

Kate Mulgrew as Kathryn Janeway

The original role of Kathryn Janeway went to actress Genevieve Bujold. Genevieve Bujold was the first pick, until the producers believed she did not have that certain onscreen magic to connect with the fans. The producers sought out and found Kate Mulgrew, and the magic was instant for the Voyager fleet.

Captain Kathryn Janeway was the Starfleet officer in Star Trek: Voyager. She took pride in the job and was quoted as saying, “There are three things to remember about being a starship captain: keep your shirt tucked in, go down with the ship, and never abandon a member of your crew.”

Kate Mulgrew

Kate Mulgrew is an actress who is best known for playing the role of Mary Ryan in the ’70s daytime soap opera Ryan’s Hope. Mulgrew made history after starring as the first female captain in the Star Trek franchise on Star Trek: Voyager.

In The Star Trek: Voyager Bible, Kate Mulgrew describes her historical role as Captain Kathryn Janeway: “Captain Kathryn Janeway is the quintessential woman of the future…both commanding and discerning in her warmth; she’s authoritative while remaining accessible. Beneath her extraordinary control runs a very deep vein of vulnerability and sensitivity that I look forward to exploring in seasons to come.”

Roxann Dawson as B’Elanna Torres

B’Elanna Torres had the distinction of being half human and half Klingon. In the Star Trek series franchise, Klingons are known for being hostile and are primarily antagonistic. B’Elanna Torres had conflict which stemmed from her being a hybrid of both Klingon and human.

B’Elanna Torres started out being associated with a group of terrorists known as Maquis. She and the Maquis were being pursued by the Starfleet, and both the Starfleet and the Maquis were zapped into another universe 70,000 light years away. The Starfleet and the Maquis joined forces just to survive, and this is how B’Elanna Torres became the engineer of the Starfleet on Star Trek: Voyager.

Roxann Dawson

Roxann Dawson played a recurring role on the soap opera Another World before becoming part of the Star Trek franchise. She is best known for playing engineer B’Elanna Torres on Star Trek: Voyager.

Before she played B’Elanna Torres on Star Trek: Voyager, she was married to actor Casey Biggs. You may remember Casey Biggs for his role as Damar on another Star Trek series called Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Casey Biggs and Roxann Dawson did not meet on the set of any Star Trek work. Roxann Dawson is currently married to director Eric Dawson.

Famke Janssen as Kamala

Famke Janssen played the role of Kamala. This is not the Kamala of wrestling fame, but a metamorph from Krios Prime. Kamala’s primary goal was to bring peace between two clans who were at war. She had the power to read emotions and she was also able to adapt to the emotions she read. She could also sense what a man wanted as well.

She was able to snag Captain Picard, and before long, Captain Picard fell in love with her. As the old saying goes, all good things must come to an end, and Captain Picard’s relationship ended with Kamala shortly thereafter.

Famke Janssen

Famke Janssen is well known for playing the role of Kamala on Star Trek: The Next Generation. She played the love interest of Patrick Stewart, aka Captain Picard. Famke Janssen and Patrick Stewart have both appeared on Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Famke Janssen also appeared in another huge successful movie with co-star Patrick Stewart in one of the most popular comic book-based films ever — The X-Men. Janssen played the role of Jean Gray, and Patrick Stewart played the role of Charles Xavier, aka Professor X.

Martha Hackett as Seska

A popular member of the Voyager fleet was Seska. She was a recurring character on the Star Trek: Voyager series. Seska was a Cardassian spy who had been genetically modified to appear Bajoran, in an effort to gain access to the Maquis. She had a love interest with Chakotay.

Seska was a shady character and didn’t quite comply with the rules of the Starfleet. She would try to engage in shady deals in order for the Starfleet crew to get her home. She would team up with a villain named Kazon, as well. Her wicked ways did not work, and she was ultimately killed off.

Martha Hackett

A fixture of the Star Trek genre, Martha Hackett hails from Boston, Massachusetts. She started her acting career in the late 1980s. She has appeared numerous times on Hill Street Blues.

Hackett became a fixture on Star Trek. She has appeared on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine as a Romulan. She was originally considered to play the role of Jadzia Dax on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. The role of Jadzia Dax ultimately went to actress Terry Farrell. The producers did take a liking to her afterwards, and she made a couple of appearances on Deep Space Nine as T’Rul the Romulan. She went on to play Seska on Star Trek: Voyager.

Denise Crosby as Tasha Yar

Denise Crosby portrayed Lt. Tasha Yar in the first season of Star Trek: Next Generation. Tasha. Yar was a laconic security chief — a strong willed woman who did not take any nonsense. Lt. Tasha Yar was known for her short haircut and her tight Star Trek outfit.

Tasha Yar started to catch on with the fans, but the character was ultimately killed off. A lot of fans were disappointed about this, so Crosby later made an appearance as the Romulan character Sela.

Denise Crosby

Some people are destined to follow in the footsteps of their family legacy. One of those people is Denise Michelle Crosby. Denise Crosby is the daughter of actor Dennis Crosby, and her grandfather is the legendary singer and actor Bing Crosby.

Denise Crosby dropped out of college when she revealed that she was related to the Crosby family. There was a statement made about her name and how people make it in Hollywood because of being associated with certain people. She ended up appearing in Playboy until she got back into the acting game. Crosby is best known for playing Lt. Natasha “Tasha” Yar on Star Trek: The Next Generation. She ultimately left the show because she felt that she could not do much with Tasha Yar’s character.

Angelique Pettyjohn as Shahna

One of the most memorable characters who had an appearance on Star Trek was Shahna who appeared in the episode “The Gamesters of Triskelion”. Shahna was a female Drill Thrall on Triskelion who helped trained Captain Kirk to fight. Naturally, there was tension between Kirk and the stunning Shahna, and the two eventually ended up in a passionate embrace, though in a somewhat controversial twist, Kirk ends up punching Shahna after the kiss to knock her out.

Angelique Pettyjohn

While she may only have had a small part in Star Trek, Angelique became a fan favorite thanks, in part, to her revealing and memorable outfit. After her appearance on Star Trek, she went on to perform burlesque in Las Vegas and even appeared in Playboy magazine in 1979 for their “Girls of Las Vegas” pictorial. Pettyjohn also became increasingly popular among Star Trek fans for appearing at fan conventions in her costume, making her a huge hit. Sadly, Angelique passed away in 1992 of cervical cancer.

Joan Collins as Edith Keeler

Some might know the British author and actress best as Dame Joan Collins now, but she once appeared on an episode of Star Trek! The episode, aired in 1987, was titled “The City on the Edge of Forever”. In it, Collins portrayed a character named Edith Keeler. She was one of Captain James T. Kirk’s love interests in the episode. Collins later became a household name for her role of Alexis Colby on the hit, long-running 1980s series Dynasty.

Why Star Trek?

Collins was interviewed about her Star Trek appearance in 2015. When asked what motivated her to do it, she said, “My children. When I was asked to do Star Trek, I remember saying to my agent, ‘Well, what is Star Trek?’ I’d never heard of it. When I told my children — who were then about two and four — that I’d been asked to do Star Trek, my daughter (who was the older child) jumped up and down and said, ‘Oh, mum, you must do it. It’s a great show.’ So that’s why I did it.

Sarah Silverman as Rain Robinson

The lovely but often controversial comic is yet another celebrity who has graced the Star Trek screen. She was in an episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, which first aired in 1996. In the episode, “Future’s End,” the starship Voyager is heading back to 24th century Earth after being stranded in the year 1996. Silverman played a fetching young astronomer named Rain Robinson. Fun fact: Ed Begley Jr. also starred in “Future’s End.” Eventually, Begley Jr.’s character, Henry Starling, has crew members Tuvok and Paris remove her from the ship because he has determined that Robinson is a security risk. He then conspires to have her assassinated.

Up, Up, And Away!

The writers and producers were so impressed with Silverman’s performance that they considered making her a member of the crew and a full-time figure on the show! But as we know, the actress and comic was destined for bigger and better things. Today, she frequently uses her comedy to expose social wrongs including racism and sexism. Silverman has starred in many films and has also released an autobiography (“The Bedwetter”). She was nominated for a Screen Actors Guild Award for her role in I Smile Back in 2015 and has received two Primetime Emmy Awards for her TV work.

Julie Newmar as Eleen

Many of us associate Newmar’s name most closely with Batwoman, as she played the character in the long-running Batman television series. But she also appeared in Star Trek, as the pregnant character Eleen in an episode called “Friday’s Child”. Filming for her scenes took place both on location and at Desilu Studios. Interestingly, two of her Star Trek colleagues also appeared alongside Newmar on Batman. After Batman, Newmar went on to have a long career with television and film roles. She’s also a patent-holder for a particular type of bra and pantyhose, as well as being a successful real estate investor!

Adored By Trek Fans

When asked by about the affection and respect that her fans still express to her, Newmar had this to say: “It’s staggering. It’s an all-day-long love-fest, really. People come up to you and tell you, in 100 different ways, what they saw, what they remember, what they appreciated and, in essence, they’re telling you that they love you. It’s a wonderful feeling.” She added, “What I remember about it was being nine months pregnant and running around the hills of Vazquez Rocks (outside of Los Angeles), which is now overrun with housing developments. I just thought it was another show, but it will go on long beyond either of us, beyond any of us.”

Ashley Judd as Ensign Robin Lefler

Here’s another familiar face that you might not have known made an appearance on Star Trek. Scratch that – actress Ashley Judd appeared in not one, but two Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes! The show is credited with giving Judd her first roles and big break into stardom. Her character, Ensign Robin Lefler, was a Human 24th century Starfleet engineer and officer. Judd’s episodes were called “Darmok” and “The Game.” Here’s a fun fact: Judd received her first ever kiss on-camera, with none other than co-star Wil Wheaton. Shortly after Star Trek: The Next Generation, Judd was signed on to a NBC series called Sisters, and the rest is history.

Life Post-Star Trek

Ashley Judd is not just a successful artist these days; she’s also a political activist. Her film credits include Paradise, Kiss the Girls, Where the Heart Is, Double Jeopardy, Divergent, Where the Heart Is, and more. And she has the brains to back up the beauty, as she also earned a one-year mid-career master’s degree in public administration at Harvard University. For her extensive humanitarian efforts to aid charities ranging from wildlife preservation to eradicating poverty, Judd was awarded an Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters from Union College in 2009. Is there anything she can’t do?