Details In Seinfeld That Totally Went Over Our Heads

Created by Larry David, Seinfeld has been hailed by many as one of the greatest sitcoms to ever be aired on television. Self-proclaimed as “a show about nothing,” the series follows a group of four friends with Jerry Seinfeld starring as himself and their lives in Manhattan’s Upper West Side. The show is renowned for its subtleties that only die-hard fans can catch, from appearing mustard jars to extended callbacks. See if you noticed any of these!

A Reference To Jerry’s Father

If given the opportunity, most of us would probably put a little bit of ourselves or our family in a television show that we were making, and that’s what Jerry Seinfeld did.

Picture of a sign

In one of the episodes, Jerry and some of the gang can be seen walking down the street with a sign that reads “Kal Signs” behind them. This is a nod to Jerry’s father, who, interestingly enough, actually made signs for a living.