Did You Notice These Total TV Casting Fails?

It’s easy to zone out when binge-watching a television show. But when an actor or actress suddenly leaves a show and is replaced by someone else some of the casting choices are downright insane! What’s funnier is when no one from the show even makes a public statement about it. Do producers really think we wouldn’t notice?! Read on for a few of the most outrageous casting fails of all time — maybe you didn’t even catch some of these!

The Beckys

Actress Lecy Goranson originated the role of Roseanne’s sassy eldest child, Becky in 1988. After five seasons she was replaced by Sarah Chalke so that she could attend Vassar College. The next few seasons was a dance between the two actresses over who would play Becky. In what was supposed the be the eighth and final season, Goranson returned to her original role but then left when the show was renewed. The producer then brought Chalke back in. Thankfully the producers didn’t expect audiences to be that oblivious. They made noticeable puns about the two actresses appearing on the show and even used an image of Goranson transforming into Chalke in the show’s opening credits.