Discover The Scandals Of The Discovery Channel And The History Channel

The Discovery Channel is supposed to be about discovery, isn’t it? It seems these days all we’re really discovering are new scandals about the cast and crew of the channel’s shows.

Discovery Communications, which owns Discovery Channel, TLC, and Animal Planet, is no stranger to controversy, whether it’s misleading their audience or something much, much worse. The network has reality shows literally riddled with convicted criminals. Though this news usually leads to a show’s cancellation, it’s impossible not to wonder why the Discovery Channel seems like such a magnet for this kind of behavior.

Man Vs. Wild’s Bear Grylls Was Fired from Discovery Channel

There’s not a whole lot Bear Grylls won’t do (he even drank his own urine to survive), but he ended up getting fired from Discovery because he wouldn’t put in the work beyond his Man Vs. Wild. Apparently, Grylls was totally unwilling to participate in two of the network’s upcoming projects.

Discovery Channel
Discovery Channel

Rather than letting him stick to the show that made him famous, they decided to fire for being unruly. Man Vs. Wild was on the air for six seasons and even featured an episode with Barack Obama before contract disputes caused the whole thing to implode.