Most Die-Hard Fans Won’t Know These Facts Behind The Voices Of The Simpsons

The longest running cartoon in American history belongs to a family of yellow people. Ever since The Simpsons premiered in 1989, the adventures of Homer Simpson and rest of Springfield made millions of people tune in to watch. There’s hardly a soul on Earth who has not seen or heard of the series. While the series has experienced plenty of ups and downs in terms of quality, its status as a modern TV icon will never find itself in question, and the voices behind the characters are iconic.

Any fan of the show will be surprised what abilities the actors have given us.

Ricky Gervais Became the First Ever Guest Star To Also Receive A Writing Credit

The British comedian co-wrote and guest starred in a 2006 episode. In “Homer Simpson, This Is Your Wife,” the former star of The Office UK became the first ever guest start to earn a writing credit for the show.

20th Television/MovieStillsDb
20th Television/MovieStillsDb

However, Gervais often downplays the notion of his contributions to the episode.