Proof That Disney Sidekicks Are The Original Ride Or Die

Kids always want to be just like the Disney princess or main character. That’s why costumes like Anna, Elsa, and Hercules are top-sellers every Halloween. Then you grow older and start understanding the villains better. Look, Mother Gothel was just trying to keep a youthful image without having to spend a ton of money at Sephora, can you blame her?

As you grow even older though and begin to rewatch some of your favorite Disney movies, you’ll realize the heroes and the villains aren’t the most important — it’s the sidekicks. The Pumbas and the Olafs are kind, caring, and always have an awkward joke ready to break the tension. If this sounds all too relatable then read on and appreciate the true Disney heroes: the sidekicks.

Timon & Pumba — The Lion King

When you think of Disney sidekicks, these two are always the first to come to mind. Timon and Pumba were there just to show Simba what having a good time and having “no worries for the rest of your days” was all about.

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Walt Disney Productions/MovieStillsDB
Walt Disney Productions/MovieStillsDB

These two might have seemed like a bad influence on Simba at the start of the film, but when they realized he was destined to return to lead his pride, they were 100% supportive of him. These two were the original ride or dies.