The Secrets Of History Channel’s ‘American Restorations’

The History Channel series American Restoration debuted in October 2010 and it quickly became a hit among fans thanks to the seemingly superb work completed by Rick Dale and his team at Las Vegas-based Rick’s Restorations. The show scored some big ratings when it debuted thanks to Rick’s ability to take old worn-out objects and restore them to their former glory. In the end, it turned out all wasn’t as it seemed.

From customer complaints to hatred for their own fans, here’s the story of American Restoration like you’ve never heard it before, starting with Rick’s humble reality TV start to his eventual meltdown.

It All Started On Pawn Stars

If you regularly watch Pawn Stars you’re aware that the team behind that incredibly successful series often brings in experts to appraise items outside of their specialties. One of those experts and a series regular was Rick Dale.

Pawn Stars and Rick Dale
History Channel
History Channel

Fans enjoyed watching Rick on Pawn Stars and he was soon approached by History Channel to host his own show. Rick agreed and quickly got to work filming what he thought would be a few episodes for a test season.