The Secrets Of History Channel’s ‘American Restorations’

Rick Dale Couldn’t Fix A Customer’s Jukebox But He Cashed Their Check

Jukebox Fiasco on American Restoration
History Channel
History Channel

Eighty-five-year-old Angel Delgadillo brought his prized jukebox to Rick’s Restorations and paid $4,000 to have the item restored to its former glory. Dale gladly accepted the check and even cashed it. After two months of work, the jukebox was handed back over to the customer. Unfortunately, the jukebox still didn’t operate as intended.

Delgadillo sent Rick Dale letters and phone calls asking that the work be properly finished. His messages went ignored until media outlets picked up the story. Rick was forced to admit he didn’t have electrical knowledge to fix the jukebox and ended up arranging to have an electronics expert complete the job.