The Best-Kept Secrets About All Your Favorite TV Pregnancies

It’s not very surprising for TV shows to throw in one of two pregnancy plotlines throughout a series if the storyline lends itself to it. Sometimes, the show’s writers have been planning for a character to become pregnant since season one. Other times, a lead actress’ personal pregnancy will force the writers to squeeze it into the show.

Either these women were on their feet all day acting while pregnant, or they managed to convince us that they were carrying a child when they weren’t. Some of these TV pregnancies are real, and some are fake, but they all prove that these actresses deserve an Emmy.

Lucile Ball Had The First Ever Real On-Screen Pregnancy

i love lucy pregnant.jpg

Photo credit: @stitchyarts / Twitter

I Love Lucy was groundbreaking in many ways, but mostly because it was the first show with a pregnancy storyline. After Lucille Ball got pregnant, they wrote it into the show, but with some strict guidelines.

Lucy was allowed to be visibly pregnant, but they couldn’t say the word, have no signs of labor, and she still couldn’t sleep in the same bed as her TV husband.