The Craziest Guests That Made Our Jaws Drop On ‘Dr. Phil’

Let’s admit it, Dr. Phil is everyone’s guilty pleasure. You can say you hate the show as much as you want, but we all secretly love the drama, bizarre stories, and crazy guests. Yes, it’s all done for television and ratings, but we can’t fault him for that.

Every once in a while though a guest comes along on Dr. Phil that has an extra dash of crazy in them. They make us viewers at home cringe a little more than usual, or make our jaw drop even faster. Continue on and see if you remember watching any of these crazy interviews live.

The Teenager Who Was Convinced She Was Pregnant With A Baby Jesus

This has to be one of the cringiest episodes of Dr. Phil ever. The guest, Haley, was absolutely adamant that her pregnancy was a reborn baby Jesus. The best/worst part? She wasn’t even pregnant. They did an ultrasound on TV and she still didn’t believe it.

Dr. Phil/YouTube
Dr. Phil/YouTube

She seemed to have an issue with telling the truth though, because Haley also said she was Eminem’s daughter and had been a contestant on American Idol.