The Know On Your Favorite Mob Show, The Sopranos!

A show about the mob has entertainment gold written all over it. The Sopranos turned out to be one of the greatest television shows of our era, and the funny part is that it started out as a movie pitch. Here are some little-known facts about the hit series, and what made the real mob mad when they saw it.

It was going to be a movie

The creator of the show, David Chase first threw the idea of the hit show being a movie about a mobster that goes into therapy to discuss his mother.

Chase’s manager, Lloyd Braun, told him to put more thought into TV. “I want you to know that we believe that you have inside you, a great television series,” said Braun. And now look what we have. Fans are completely content with the story being stretched over seasons of viewing pleasure instead of compiled into one film. In fact, the series was named “best wrtten TV series of all time” by the Writers Guild of America. The Sopranos also won 21 Emmys, and five Golden Globes.