The Most Satisfying Character Deaths On Television

It may be a little dark, but there really are few things more satisfying than watching one of your most hated television characters finally get what they deserve. Whether the protagonist takes them out in an act of revenge or they are killed off in some form of poetic justice, let’s be real, it’s why most of us watch television shows. Here’s a list of some of the most satisfying television deaths that most of us did a standing ovation for after they were finally out of our lives.

Everybody celebrated Jeoffery Baratheon’s death in their own way. How did you?

Nina Myers – 24


In 24, Nina Myers is a trained federal agent and second-in-command of the Counter Terrorist Unit, Los Angeles. She works closely with the show’s protagonist Jack Bauer until she is eventually exposed as a traitor. She kills Bauer’s wife which earned her the No. 9 spot on TV Guide’s 2013 list of The Nastiest Villains of All Time. Despite everything she had done, she was still around until the very end of the season. Even up until her final moments, she continuously managed to wreak havoc on everyone around her, really getting the audience to hate her more than they already did. So, when Jack Bauer finally kills her, we’re pretty sure we could hear fans everywhere cheering.

June Stahl – Sons of Anarchy


In the FX original series Sons of Anarchy, June Stahl was an agent from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives who would stop at nothing in her investigation of the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club. She played the role of one of the main antagonists for the majority of the first three seasons and was known to be overly-ruthless, cold, and confident. At one point, she even killed her own girlfriend to get what she wanted. While on the show, her actions caused the death of two people associated with the motorcycle club as well as the kidnapping of the protagonist’s son. Everything she did was unethical and essentially evil, so when Opie shot her in the head with an uzi nobody was crying.

Gustavo Fring – Breaking Bad


When Walter White or “Heisenberg” first got involved with another high-end meth distributor, Gustavo Fring, it was clear their relationship was going to end poorly. Although very composed, Gustavo was a cold, calculated individual who clearly had no regard for human life although he usually had his cronies do his dirty work for him. He was powerful and dangerous and two men both looking to be the best at what they do while working together was a recipe for disaster. As their friendship deteriorated and became a deadly game of cat and mouse, Walt eventually discovered his weakness and killed him first. Although his death may have been a little gruesome, the audience breathed a sigh of relief.

Ralph Cilfaretto – The Sopranos


The HBO original series The Sopranos really set the bar when it came to violence, despicable characters, and putting its audience on edge. Even the shows antiheroes are pretty deplorable, so you can only imagine how bad some of the bad characters actually are. In comes Ralph Cifaretto. Cifaretto was known to lose his cool more often than not, but the group continued to overlook most of his actions because he was a man of action that could get things done. However, after what the audience would agree was far too long, Tony finally killed him with his bare hands in Cifaretto’s own home — something most of us were pretty ecstatic about.

The Demogorgon- Stranger Things


If you watched Stranger Things season one, you’re no stranger to the predatory humanoid the kids refer to as ‘The Demogorgon.’ Masked in ambiguity, the creature did nothing except cause serious problems in the town of Hawkins, Indiana. Whether The Demogorgon was killing innocent citizens (RIP Barb) or hunting poor little Will Byers, the creature was an all-around despicable character with very few people ever rooting for its success. So, when the Demogorgon and Eleven had a final showdown in a classroom of the local high school, the audience was pleased when the underdog essentially disintegrated the monster. But although The Demogorgon disappeared in the process, we all knew that wasn’t going to be the last we saw of it.

Joffery Baratheon – Game of Thrones


Game of Thrones is chock-full of cruelty, death, and plenty of evil to go around — but few characters managed to match the evil atrocities committed by Joffery Baratheon. He was nothing more than a sadistic child that was made the king and could, therefore, do whatever he wanted. From torturing the weak for fun to declaring Ned Stark be executed, his time on screen was some of the most hated in the history of television. People patiently waited for him to get killed off, which finally happened when he was poisoned at his wedding. It was not a pretty death but nothing short of what he deserved.

Do you remember the Dr. Rober Romano from ER?

William J. Rawlins III – The Punisher


In the Netflix Original Series The Punisher, William J. Rawlins is the director of a covert operations unit for the CIA known as the Cerberus Squad. A military death squad whose purpose is to smuggle heroin from Kandahar into the United States. He also happens to be the person responsible for for the death of the protagonist Frank Castle’s family. So, in a scene when Rawlin’s is torturing a restrained Frank Castle, it’s relieving when Castle escapes his bondage with the help of a friend. This means the end of Rawlin’s after Castle beats him within an inch of his life, stabs him in the neck, and gouges his eyes out. This was long overdue and the ultimate revenge for Castle who had been after Rawlin’s for a while.

Dr. Robert Romano – ER


For the most part, doctors that are depicted on television are usually everything we would expect from a doctor: smart, charismatic, hard-working, and understanding. Although every once in a while there may be the occasional grouchy boss or rude co-worker, Dr. Robert Romano of ERwas the worst of the worst. He was incredibly rude to his patients and especially to the doctors that worked under him. He was known to be intentionally hostile and sarcastic to the point that nobody including the audience liked him at all. So, when he was crushed by a helicopter after a freak accident more people cheered than mourned his death.

If you watch The Walking Dead we bet you know who’s on our list.

Ramsay Bolton – Game of Thrones


Ramsay Bolton from Game of Thrones managed to set the bar for what it meant to be a true villain during his time on the show. He was a sick, sadistic, pervert that enjoyed flaying people alive or feeding them to his giant hounds for fun. He lived to perform these horrific acts and it didn’t take long for every audience member to want him to die as horribly as his own victims. After one of the most epic battles in television history, the audience got what they wanted after Ramsay was essentially beat to death by John Snow before letting his sister Sansa have her way with him. She decided to feed him to his own hounds that he had starved purposefully before the battle. It was a gruesome but fulfilling scene that can be described as nothing short of poetic justice.

Keith Summers – Bates Motel


Keith Summers was the former owner of the Seafairer Motel as well as the house behind it. However, after Norma Bates and her son Norman Bates bought the hotel from the bank after he lost it, he developed a deep hatred for them. He quickly became an intimidating character and it was clear that he was going to do something threatening sooner rather than later. After a confrontation between Keith and Norma, Keith returns to Norma’s house and rapes her. Norman comes home to see what’s going on an attacks Keith, knocking him out. But it is Norma who takes her own revenge and stabs him to death before he can do anything else.

The Governor – The Walking Dead


In a post-zombie apocalypse world, zombies are no longer the only thing you have to worry about. You must be equally as wary of other humans that are also trying to survive and have lost their sense of humanity along the way. In the AMC show The Walking Dead, one of those characters is The Governor. Although he used to be a middle-management employee, in this new world he is now the deranged dictator of a band of survivors that are a constant threat to Rick and his company. While The Governor is attempting to beat Rick to death, he is stabbed in the back by Michonne and is finished by a gunshot wound to the head by Lilly. Nobody was sad to see him go.

Arthur Mitchell – Dexter


Arthur Mitchell earned his serial killer nickname the Trinity Killer for the way he would kill three people in succession in very specific ways. However, much like Dexter, Mitchell lived a double life and was a devout Christian and respectable man by day, and a ruthless killer by night. It became incredibly easy to despise the Trinity Killer because he killed in such terrible ways and was also responsible for the death of Dexter’s wife Rita. Dexter spent an entire season trying to get his hands on him, so it was satisfying when Dexter killed him by beating him to death with a hammer and justice was served.

Lorne Malvo – Fargo


In season one of Fargo, one of the primary characters was Lorne Malvo, a hitman that seemed to have an impossible amount of luck throughout his time on the show. He lacks empathy and emotion and kills whoever he needs to kill in order to get the job done. He also doesn’t have a problem killing innocent people for his own amusement or to just get them out of his way. Throughout the series, he becomes easier and easier to hate and most people wanted him to be killed off by Molly Solverson. However, he ends up being killed by her partner Gus Grimley which is equally as satisfying since Malvo had previously injured him with a bear trap.

Peter Russo – House of Cards


The death of Peter Russo was rather controversial among viewers, however, most agree that it was time for him to go. Russo was a greedy man that never took anything seriously including his family. He was a liability more than anything so he needed to be killed before he did anything too stupid. The unfortunate thing about his death was that he was killed at the hands of Frank Underwood, the show’s true villain, which is why his death has mixed feelings amongst fans. Although he did not forcibly kill him, he put everything in place in order to make sure that he died.

Viserys – Game of Thrones


Although there are a lot of satisfying deaths in Game of Thrones, Viserys was another that was too good to leave out. Viserys is driven by his desire to take over the Iron Throne which he believes is his, which gives him a false sense of power which ultimately leads to his downfall. After threatening his sister and her unborn baby, he’s finally given his golden crown and has molten gold poured over his head. Although it was a rather brutal death, we can all agree it was necessary and he needed to be out of the picture so that the story could move forward.

Steve Newlin – True Blood


In the HBO Original Series True Blood, Steve Newlin was a former televangelist that was turned into a vampire. He starred as the secondary antagonist of the series at first speaking out against the vampires calling them “ungodly creatures,” yet clearly enjoying the power once he was eventually turned himself. His actions throughout the show make him an incredibly unlikable character and it is obvious he has no problem selling others out to save his own skin. In season 6 the audience was pleased when he was held in a shaft of sunlight by Eric Northman and exploded into flame.

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Lester Nygaard – Fargo


Although at first, it might have seemed hard to fully hate Lester Nygaard because of his innocent appearance and weak personality, you later discover that you were far from the truth. Over time, it becomes obvious who Lester Nygaard really is a person and the monster he eventually becomes. After killing his own wife and trying to frame his brother, it becomes difficult to feel bad for him anymore, and his evil antics only continue on throughout the show. When he finally dies after falling through a layer of ice and freezing to death, most can say that it was the least that Lester deserved after everything he did.

Vee – Orange Is The New Black


For the most part, Yvonne “Vee” Parker from Orange Is The New Black was a character that made countless other issues for the rest of the lead characters in the show. When she arrived in season two, she made her place known after promoting a divide within the inmates, manipulating her way into a position of power, and becoming violent with the other inmate Red. After she makes an attempt to escape prison, it looks like she might end up getting away unscathed. However, she ends up getting run down by another inmate, Rosa, who hits her with a van during her own escape — something everyone inside of the prison would appreciate.

Kilgrave – Jessica Jones


Fans of Jessica Jones were thrilled when Jessica took it upon herself to rid the world of the sociopathic psychic Kilgrave. Using his mind control powers, there was no shortage of the horrible things that he used them. More specifically, he liked using them to force women to have sex with him including Jessica. Throughout the years, he continued to abuse her and even forced her to kill Luke Cage’s wife while under Kilgrave’s control. Eventually, she had enough and Jessica Jones snapped his neck which was a big win for anybody that watched the show.

Red John – The Mentalist


In The Mentalist, Red John was a serial killer that was responsible for the murder of Patrick Jane’s wife and daughter. In the show, he had been hunting Red John for over a decade seeking his revenge. Finally, the audience got what they wanted and Patrick Janes finally got his hands on the man that murdered his family. In a rather power scene, Patrick strangled the life from him, but not before asking him if he was sorry for killing his family and afraid to die. Red John answered yes to both questions before he was killed.