The Gritty Reality Behind My 600-Lb Life

Airing on TLC since 2012, My 600-lb Pound Life is a reality television series that chronicles the lives of individuals over 600 pounds whose obesity has had a drastic impact on their life. Participants try to lose some of their weight with the help of surgeon Younan Nowzaradan, otherwise known as “Dr. Now.” Nowzaradan puts them on a strict diet and exercise regimen and, depending on the patient’s progress, sometimes weight loss surgery. Look behind the scenes of the series that reveals the reality of what it is like to be morbidly obese.

Many Of The Stars Have Deep-Rooted Childhood Trauma

Childhood trauma is one of the leading causes of any addiction, whether it be substances or in this case, food. Unfortunately, in the case of some of the series’ stars, they were exposed to some devastating abuse in their youth.

Picture of Ashley Reyes

In the case of Ashley Reyes, she explained that after her trauma, she “didn’t know what to do […] I didn’t know how to feel safe. So I would eat to gain back whatever little happiness I could.” Furthermore, emotions surrounding their abuse tend to come to the surface once they start to lose weight.