The Subtle Way Friends Paid Tribute To 9/11 Firefighters Will Make You Love The Show Even More

It’s been nearly fifteen years since the finale of Friends graced our television screens, and we’re still obsessed. The show practically defined a generation of young adults and has cemented itself in pop culture history. It’s one of those television series you can watch over and over again and never get bored, and that’s because there are always new things to notice.

Even the most die-hard Friends fans don’t know why this Die Hard actor made a FREE cameo on the show. Read on to see if you noticed these hidden Friends easter eggs.

Arquette Took Over The Credits

Between seasons five and six, Courtney Cox married David Arquette and became Courtney Cox Arquette.


As a nod to one of their stars, the producers changed the opening credits in the season six premiere, "The One After Vegas." Every cast member got an "Arquette" added to the end of their name.