The Truth About What’s Real And What’s Fake In American Pickers

American Pickers is a reality show on the History Channel. It follows Mike and Frank as they travel the country buying antiques from people’s private collections. You never know what you’re going to find in a barn or an attic or a garage.

The show is full of oddities, and I don’t just mean the artifacts. Keep reading to learn secrets you never knew about the cast and crew of this hugely successful series.

The Agreed-Upon Price Isn’t Always What People Get

On the show, Mike and Frank seem like fair businessmen. They never want to seem like they’re giving someone a bad deal or taking advantage of their lack of knowledge.

History Channel/American Pickers
History Channel/American Pickers

Things aren’t quite what they seem, though. Apparently, it’s common for the crew to agree on a price with the guest, only to have Mike and Frank try to haggle them down once the cameras start rolling. Anything for a bit of drama, I guess.