This Event Was So Crazy, They Cut Away From The NBA Finals To Broadcast It Live Across America

Nearly every household in America today has a television. Most of us grew up huddled around the television after dinner watching sports, news, game shows, and maybe even Jersey Shore. That’s why it’s so hard to believe this has only been the case for 70 years.

Live television broadcasts changed the way we live and how we experience the world around us. Instead of waiting days for news from around the world, we could watch Neil Armstrong step on the moon, Janet Jackson have the Super Bowl performance of her life, and one too many people be assassinated in primetime. Read on to see if you’ve experienced these crazy and iconic moments in live television history.

Elvis Twists Those Hips On The Ed Sullivan Show

Many people believe that September 9, 1956, was the day that rock’n’roll took over America. That was the day Elvis made his live appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show and 82% of America tuned in.

Steve Oroz/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images
Steve Oroz/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

Those who watched the broadcast live were either screaming from excitement as he gyrated his hips, or screaming from shock.