Zoinks! Secrets About Scooby-Doo That Will Totally Change Your Childhood

It might be hard to believe but Scooby-Doo is turning 50 in 2019. Production studios Hanna-Barbera sent the first episode of Scooby-Doo: Where Are You! to air in 1969 and has never looked back. Twelve different iterations of the show, countless films, and two very memorable live-action features later, and the world is still in love with a dog, his laidback best friend Shaggy, and their mystery-solving pals.

Even though Scooby and the gang spend all their time uncovering secrets and solving mysteries, there are a lot of secrets they’ve been keeping from us. Hop in the Mystery Machine, pass the Scooby Snacks, and read on to learn all about your favorite Great Dane.

What Were Daphne And Fred Up To?

People began to think Fred and Daphne were a couple in the original series because when Fred was having the gang split up, he always chose to go alone with Daphne. Everyone figured that he was trying to get his flirt on, but the creators said it was just because they were the most boring characters.


The writers would send off Fred and Daphne so they could focus on Shaggy, Scooby, and Velma a.k.a. the much more entertaining characters.