These Terrible Car Movies Are Sure To Disappoint You

There are tons of films about cars out there. You have the iconic, but now drawn out, Fast and the Furious flicks. You also have horror films that turn cars into evil weapons capable of terrorizing people. While some movies about cars are phenomenal, there are a few that are flat-out abysmal. That sounds harsh… let’s say they could have been better. Think hard about the worst film you’ve seen in the car genre and go through this list to see if any you’ve seen made it.

Lots Of Drifting, Not Much Else

fast and the furious
Universal Studios
Universal Studios

The very first Fast and the Furious installment might go down as one of the best car movies ever. It had all the elements that vehicle lovers appreciate, but then the film series took a wrong turn.

They somehow went from street racers to international spies. The third film, which was also out of order if you’re sequencing all of them, took the audience to Tokyo. We got to see a lot of cool drifting, but after 30 minutes, the plot didn’t do much. Plus, where was Paul Walker, and how did Lil’ Bow Wow land a starring role?