The Biggest Plot Twists In Film You Never Saw Coming

Screenwriters are arguably some of the best predators around. They lure the audience in with crazy stories, taking them to worlds they never thought possible. Then, when the viewers least expect it, WHAM!, they go and throw in a plot twist the audience never saw coming.

Take Shutter Island, for example. Who would have guessed that Leonardo DiCaprio’s character was actually someone in the asylum and not a US Marshal looking for an escaped patient? Keep scrolling to read up on some of cinema’s best plot twists we never saw coming. And forewarning, there’s more than one spoiler ahead.


Jordon Peele’s critically acclaimed horror film Us has a plot twist no one, at least we, didn’t see coming. The film follows the Wilson family as they go on a nice beach vacation. Of course, nothing happens as it should, and their relaxing family getaway soon becomes debunked by a strange group of doppelgängers.

Universal Pictures
Universal Pictures

The “shock factor” comes when the viewer learns that the mother, Adelaide Wilson, is actually the imposter doppelgänger, and Red, the murderess, is actually Adelaide! As it turns out, the real Adelaide’s identity was stolen at that very same beach years prior when she was a young girl.