The Extravagant Homes Of Donald Trump Will Leave You Breathless

If owning as many extravagant properties as possible is the American dream, then President Donald Trump is living it in leaps and bounds. Cutting his teeth in real estate before moving into the White House, Trump is worth a reported $3.1 billion. That kind of money pays for a lot of dream houses in a lot of dream vacation destinations. Why pay for a room when you can afford to buy the hotel? From houses in Florida to New York and even California, the luxurious homes of Trump and his family, past and present, will leave you wide-eyed with jealousy. You can actually rent out Donald Trump’s childhood home but it’s NOT cheap.

Seven Springs Has 60 Rooms For Trump And His Family To Sleep In

Donald Trump purchased the Seven Springs estate in 1996. Located in Bedford, New York, the property has 60 rooms, 15 of which are bedrooms. There are also three pools, so if you prefer to swim alone instead of with a crowd, you have options.

Photo Credit: Joe McNally/Getty Images
Photo Credit: Joe McNally/Getty Images

When Trump purchased the property for $7.5 million, he planned to turn it into a golf course. He eventually changed his mind and now uses it as a retreat from the White House to relax. Onsite activities include the private swimming pools, as well as hiking, ATV riding, and fishing.