The Most Surprising Upsets In Oscar History Still Have Hollywood Wondering What Happened

The Academy Awards are known as “the biggest night in Hollywood.” The ceremony is a party full of surprises and upsets. When the winners are announced, the name in the envelope is not always who you expect it to be. Was Kevin Costner really supposed to beat Martin Scorcese for Best Director in 1993? You might not question it today, but back then it was the biggest storyline of the night! Even more shocking was when La La Land lost to Moonlight for Best Picture in 2017! These are the best, worst, and weirdest upsets in Oscar history.

Moonlight Steps Out Into The Light

moonlight oscar upset la la land 2017

This is the upset many believe will never be topped. La La Land was announced as the winner for Best Picture in 2017. Then, when Justin Hurwitz, the film’s producer, was on stage accepting the award, he was handed an envelope with the word “Moonlight.”

Hurwitz quickly called the actual winner to the stage. As it happened, the awards presenters, Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway, were given the wrong envelope when they came on stage. The win for Moonlight would have been an upset regardless, but the drama was heightened to proper Hollywood standards thanks to the mix-up.