The Real Cost Of Your Favorite TV Shows

The longer television shows last, the more it costs to make each episode. The rise of streaming options and higher, more cinematic-like productions has also sent costs skyrocketing. From the $15 million an episode that Game of Thrones cost to the first season finances of Stranger Things, the real costs of your favorite television programs are no laughing matter. If you want to know how much The Big Bang Theory cost per episode, keep reading!

The Pacific – $21.7 Million Per Episode

the-pacific miniseries

When it comes to miniseries, HBO spares no expense. Looking to cash in on the success of Band of Brothers from 2001, the network spent nearly $22 million an episode on sister series The Pacific in 2010.

The miniseries takes place in Japan during World War II and was executive produced by Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg. When awards season came around, the costly series was awarded a Primetime Emmy and Golden Globe for Outstanding Miniseries.