The Weirdest Celebrity Memorabilia Ever Bought At Auction

Baby Boa Constrictor

A baby boa constrictor owned by Justin Bieber went for about $1,000. Why auction it off? Who knows, maybe just because he could or maybe because he didn’t want it anymore. Either way, $1,000 is a lot to pay for a boa constrictor. Maybe the new owners named it “The Biebs.”

French Toast

Let’s be honest, N’Sync was the hottest boy band of the 90s and early 2000s. But a half-eaten piece of French toast from Justin Timberlake to be sold for $3,000 is a little absurd. He’s hot and everything, but what are you going to do with a rotting piece of French toast? I doubt his DNA is still on it, so you can’t clone him.

Sports Bra

There’s nothing sexier than a…sports bra? That’s what one fan of Jennifer Lawrence though when they purchased her sports bra for $3,400. It came from the movie Silver Linings Playbook, so at least it’s connected to a good film. But this is another piece of celebrity memorabilia that is filled with sweat and probably smells horrible.


$14,000 for an already-chewed piece of gum is a bit on the extravagant side, unless it’s from Britney Spears. Yes, her already-chewed gum was auctioned off for $14,000! That is crazy. What’s even more unbelievable was that it did not come with a letter of authenticity. I wonder what the person who bought the gum did with it. Put it in a frame over their fireplace?

Justin Bieber’s Hair

Of course every girl (and some guys) want a piece of Justin Bieber’s hair. But just how much is it worth it to you? Ellen DeGeneres sold his hair and the proceeds went to the Gentle Barns Animal Rights Foundation. It sold for $40,600, so it was for a good cause.

Used Tissue

Scarlett Johansson blew her nose on The Tonight Show in 2008 and the tissue was sold for $5,000 — boogers and all. Why? Leno was the one who actually sold it and donated the money to hunger charity USA Harvest. Another good cause, but kind of gross having to be the one to handle that package.

Half Eaten Toast

Yes, One Direction is hot and they are another boy band who constantly top the charts. It is still a surprise that group member Niall Horan’s half-eaten piece of toast sold for almost $100,000. That is even more than Justin Timberlake’s French toast. Pretty impressive.

A Tooth

John Lennon gifted his extracted tooth to his housekeeper, which in itself is a weird gift. The housekeeper then sold that tooth for $31,000, so maybe it wasn’t such a bad deal after all. It is still pretty disgusting though. How does one go about giving a tooth? In a box or an envelope?


Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s jar of breath was sold for $523. Yes, air. Someone actually paid $523 for air that the couple breathed into, and not even on purpose. Someone supposedly “caught” their breath as they walked past on the red carpet. Let’s hope the couple brushed their teeth first and the canister was leak proof.

Elvis’ Hair

Elvis memorabilia is pretty popular because he is one of the most famous artists of all times. It should be no surprise that one lock of his hair was sold for $15,000. That’s still a huge price to pay for one lock of hair.

Topless Madonna

OK, we can see a picture of topless Madonna going for a good amount of money. After all, she is pretty popular and people are fans of racy photography. So just how much did it go for? $23,000. That is a good price for just one picture. Of course she’s topless, so if you are modest then it might not be worth it.

A Letter

A letter written by Albert Einstein which challenged the idea of God sold for over $3 million. Einstein died a year after the letter was written. $3 million seems a lot to pay for letter, even if it was written by Einstein. Yet, it is a famous piece of history.

Space Suit

Remember when Justin Bieber performed at the Superbowl in 2011? Well he teamed up with Ozzy Osbourne to sell his space suit online. It sold for $5,800. The money was donated to the Sharon Osbourne Colon Cancer Program at Cedars-Sinai hospital. I wonder if the person who bought it can fit into the suit.


House is a widely popular TV show, particularly because House is a main character you just hate to love. The cane he uses in the show went up for auction in 2009. It came with his autograph on the cane. It sold for $8,300 by the TV Academy Foundation.

A Toilet

J.D. Salinger’s toilet (the author of The Catcher in The Rye) went up for auction in 2010. The toilet was imported from his home in New Hampshire and listed on eBay for $1 million. A letter of authenticity was also attached. It is rumored that Salinger thought of some of his novels while sitting on that very toilet. Not sure that is worth $1 million though.


Jimmy Kimmel got into a bidding war with another buyer on eBay for a pair of Gary Coleman’s sweatpants. They were signed by the actor and sized XL Gap Kids. The bidding went up to $400,000, which is ridiculous for sweatpants. The buyer never paid, so Kimmel won with his bid of $500. Bet the seller wasn’t very happy about that.

Charlie Chaplin Film

Of course you would want a piece of a rare Charlie Chaplin film, it’s part of history. For the price of just $5, a buyer on eBay accidentally bought it because he liked the tin it came in. The film is seven minutes long and was made in 1917. It is valued at $63,000, which is a huge profit if the buyer ever decides to sell.

Pregnancy Test

Britney Spears’ memorabilia has been pretty popular over the years. She took a pregnancy test in a Los Angeles hotel. Someone took the positive test out of her trash can and sold it to a radio station in Ottawa. They then put it up for auction where it sold for $5,001. I really hoped they used gloves when handling the test.

A Sister

James Blunt listed his sister on eBay, but for good reason. He listed it as “Damsel in distress seeks knight in shining armor! Desperate to get to a funeral in southern Ireland, please help!” The person who won flew his sister to Ireland in a private helicopter. Talk about arriving in style! The two later fell in love and got married. That would have to make for an interesting “How did you two meet?” story.


Pharrell Williams’ famous hat sold for $44,100. This was the hat he wore at the Grammys and he auctioned it off on eBay. He donated the money to a charity that works with at-risk teens, which is called One Hand to Another. So who bought the hat? Arby’s, the fast food chain. Kind of fitting, since the hat resembles their logo.

Kidney Stone

Would you pay for someone’s passed kidney stone? Meaning it came out of their body and was placed into a container? Ew. Well, William Shatner’s kidney stone sold for $25,000. The stone was eventually returned to Shatner and he donated the money to charity. Still, why would you even want to buy a kidney stone?


This is another body fluid most people try to stay away from. Yet, someone auctioned off President Reagan’s blood that was collated after the failed assassination attempt in 1981. The vial came with paperwork and was sold for $3,550 to a collector. It was then put up on eBay, but it caused so much controversy that it was donated to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation instead.

The Bloomers of Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth is pretty famous, so having her underwear would be like owning a piece of important history. She accidentally left her bloomers on a plane in 1968 and they were listed on eBay by the estate of Baron Joseph “Sepy” de Bicske Dobronyi. The person who bought the underwear for $18,000 chose to remain anonymous.

Dented Ping Pong Ball

Wil Wheaton named his dented ping pong ball “Silas” and even created a mini story about how he was bullied because of his dent. He put it up for sale where someone paid $1,135 for it. That is a bit ridiculous because you can’t even play with it.

Chest X-ray

Marilyn Monroe was pretty popular during her time and still remains so until this day. One of the weirdest things that have been sold from her estate was her chest X-ray taken in 1954. It sold for $45,000. Wow, that is a lot. It does have a silhouette of her breasts so maybe that was the draw for the purchaser?

Suge Knight’s Underwear

In 2009, Suge Knight declared bankruptcy, so many of his assets were seized, including a pair of his boxers. The shorts went up for sale and someone paid money for them. Just how much was it? The buyer paid $1 for Suge’s used underwear. Not sure if that is a compliment or an insult.

Burned Hair

First of all, burned hair smells disgusting. If you have ever smelled it before, you know that the odor will stay in your nostrils for several days. Yet, someone loved Michael Jackson so much that they bought some of his burned hair follicles for $1,600 in 2009. Hopefully they put them in a fireproof box.

Shopping List

Yes, celebs make shopping lists too, just like us. The difference is their shopping lists are worth money, at least if they are Britney Spears. Someone allegedly dug through her trash and sold her shopping list for $60 a piece on eBay. So weird.

Hair from David Bowie

David Bowie’s hair was used to make his wax figure at the London Madame Tussauds Wax Museum. An employee kept a lock of it and sold it for $18,000. David Bowie was a legend in music and his death in 2016 made him eternally famous, so it seems fitting a lock of his hair would go for so much.


The ashes of Truman Capote, who wrote Breakfast at Tiffany’s, sold for $45,000. Those are the ashes from when he was cremated. Apparently they were stolen from Johnny Carson’s ex-wife in 1988. They appeared a few days later but then some of the ashes were sold in 2016 for that insane amount of money.


Willie Nelson’s braids are like a celebrity all on their own. In the 1980s, Nelson cut off his braids and gave them to Waylon Jennings at a party to celebrate his sobriety. In 2002, Jennings died, and Nelson’s hair was put up for auction for 2014. The braids sold for $37,000, which seem fitting for the status his braids have.

Hair Dye Bottle

Kurt Cobain is another celebrity who will always be well-known, especially after his untimely death. In 1996, there was an auction for some of his items found around his house. People bought a journal, drawings, and some photos. But the weirdest thing purchased was a bottle of hair dye. It sold for $175.

Fake Fingernail

Lady Gaga lost a fake fingernail on state during a concert in Dublin in 2012. A fan picked it up and auctioned it off for $13,000. That was a good way to get the money back from the Lady Gaga concert.