Dialogue, Accents, Screen Time, And More: These Actors Rewrote Their Characters

When it comes to filming in Hollywood, the process is very collaborative. It takes an army of camera people, crew, actors, directors, editors, and more to make the final product viewers see on the big and small screens. In some cases, actors get so into their characters that they have ideas on how to tweak dialogue, accents, or even mannerisms.

Michelle Rodriguez, for example, changed her character Letty’s entire arc in the Fast & Furious franchise for the better while Tom Cruise probably should have left the script to The Mummy alone. For better or worse, the actors on this list decided to rewrite their characters.

Michelle Rodriguez Knew Letty Wouldn’t Cheat On Dom

Fans of the Fast & Furious franchise might be shocked to learn Michelle Rodriguez almost quit the first film. In the original script, Letty was going to cheat on her boyfriend Dom, with Brian. As Letty is an alpha-female, Rodriguez put her foot down, wanting to change the direction of her character’s arc, as it would be for the rest of the franchise.

Michelle Rodriguez New Letty Wouldn't Cheat On Dom
Universal Studios
Universal Studios

During a Daily Beast interview, Rodriguez said, “Is it realistic for a Latin girl who’s with the alpha-est of the alpha males to cheat on him with the cute boy? I had to put my foot down.” With the help of Vin Diesel, they rewrote the script.