These Bizarre Works Of Street Art Deserve A Triple Look

The idea that art should only be observed from galleries is outdated and just plain wrong. If you’ve ever been exposed to quality street art, you know that the city is actually the best canvas for creativity to soar. There will always be a conversation about what constitutes street art and what’s considered graffiti. Hopefully, these works of magnificent street art will help guide that conversation in a positive way.

To me, it’s pretty simple. A true artist can give new life and definition to a wall or building, while a vandal can make it look run-down and uninviting. A true street artist has a creative vision and message, while a graffiti artist is probably just trying to sell you their new mixtape or tag a building for their gang.

Here are some of the best pieces of street art from around the world. Wait until you see the horrible tragedy that took SpongeBob Square Pants away from us!

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Damon Belanger is a street art mastermind who takes everyday objects that you find on the street and gives them a shadow that makes them insanely cooler. Belanger is giving these inanimate objects a new life that allows something like, for example, a parking meter to become a sweet Tibetan monkey on a pillar. I mean, who doesn’t like monkeys? He’s really doing God’s work here and should receive some sort of street art Nobel Peace Prize.